The Final Knowledge (86)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 492~494)


I dealt with what was called a great King of Terror, and the summer of 1999 ended. My companion quickened her recovery. It proved that her body was fighting against the evil conscious being which was a foreign matter while sleeping. It meant to be the formation of siege which made demon’s information system set up through her body powerless, and gradually narrowed down the active area. Before long, the dark core which should be called the ghost of ma-kai (the evil world) was supposed to be discharged from the existence form of my companion.
When the autumn drew to an end, the intense shock attacked my skull. The dark bullet entered from the left side of my head and stopped in about the middle of the left side of the brain. It was such a feeling. It was painful rather than unpleasant. I suffered from the symptom similar to the extremely strong headache that had annoyed my companion for a while.
I had to analyze and understand all the information hidden in the dark bullet, and change it into the light knowledge. The analysis did not easily make progress because of the severe headache. Knowing made the headache worse. What was outside-most was intense hatred against the existence of god or justice. As they gradually melted into my consciousness, I found myself to be seized by the thoughts and feelings. The thought that tried to return the curse to the ones that cursed me naturally sprang, and the evil ones tried to get a dwelling in my consciousness.
The principle is eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.
However, the substance that cursed me was my companion and other humans. The conscious being that did those things using humans hid behind the humans as the shields. If I used the same energy toward the outside, it would cause a chain of hatred. It was the story repeated endlessly. Now, its center is in my head. By degrees, I was understanding the structure of the darkness. I unconsciously asked the existence that made me take this role why I had to do such a thing. I had fallen that deep. I experienced my companion’s personally. Painful continuous attack against humans stop their thinking. The ones in ma-kai (the evil world) have ruled over human consciousness with the method that it eases the pain to stop the thought. The pressure decreases with their thinking that they are weak humans. As they feel stronger existence than themselves within, they start to think that god and justice are remote things. They become not to understand why god that should help the weak claims that their very weakness is sinful. They come to look for something that helps them. Nothing but something that helps them is god.