The Final Knowledge (111)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 393~394)

When I understood the entier picture of this system, I felt like a medieval inquisitor. Stepping into ma-kai (the evil world), or being exposed to the power, made me feel that it was the best solution to eliminate someone who was considered its source. Human nature has such an evil side. Burning witches does not solve it. Those who burn witches go under the control of much greater evil. They kill more. And ma-kai (the evil world) gets more power. They live in the world called ma-kyo (evil cave) where only they do not recognize themselves that their own justice belongs to the devil. However, the counter system, which is so perfect that they feel like accepting the temptation from ma-kai (the evil world), works in the existence.
First of all, that is in the area of words. Words are the basis of each human thought. In each human being, even the same words do not work the same.
There is a word, god. The word is given the image of god that they desire. I have already known that, but the word god that I use and the one that my companion use do not mean the same. For human consciousness of my companion who participated in shin-gyo (god-work) as I declared its initiation, the term god was not rightly defined. She asked god for what reason the one who participated in shin-gyo (god-work) had to be dropped into ma-kai (the evil world). Naturally, there was no answer. She was forced to hear the voice from ma-kai (the evil world) within her, if she did not like it. She was amenable to the voice, even though she knew that it was from ma-kai (the evil world).

God cannot do this.

Once the input was got across, this one-track way of thinking came up to mind always with the term god. The way of thinking of ma-kai (the evil world), which was that the one who saved her from there must be the very god, instantly arose. Even through this small thing, the term god was replaced by ma (evil) in that sense. From that point, another story developed. In order to justify herself, she buttressed her doubt that I was manipulated by ma-kai (the evil world) and my shin-gyo (god-work) was just for strengthening the energy of ma-kai (the evil world). Otherwise, her own mental and physical conditions could not increasingly get worse. Righteous god could not let her fall into ma-kai (the evil world) though she did the right thing. She started to think so.
That was followed by an ordinary answer that it was an illusory product of evil power for her to see light, to hear the words of deities, and wrote them down.