The Final Knowledge (63)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 458~459)

The words of anger on the consciousness stopped there. And I thought if ma-kai (the evil world) could collect the energy from the human existence limitlessly, my shin-gyo (god-work) would come to nothing. The threats from ma-kai (the evil world) appearing through my companion were also related to all the human existence like this. Shin-kai (the god world) accepted the Judgment but ma-kai (the evil world) attempted to destroy me in order to stop the Judgment itself.
My companion was the ultimate weapon of ma-kai (the evil world) or this ground in the story. It was contrived to make my shin-gyo (god-work) come to nothing by starting a kind of suicide bombing program of her becoming dead or insane in case of failing. This was not the problem which could be solved with the human knowledge. The beings in ma-kai (the evil world) got their own way, looking at me staying still there. They appeared and hid, hid and appeared. They moved freely in the human network.
And one day, my master existence indicated the revelation of swallowing this ground. By swallowing it, I knew that I was doing the same thing as my master existence judged shin-kai (the god world). The conscious beings defined their nature by getting themselves free. By this, the conscious beings that used my companion and attempted to become just like god were made to declare their own sin. My companion and I were being used as the Trojan Horse in the divine plot. While beings in ma-kai (the evil world) did not know, this ground became part of my microcosm. And, at this time, in the Trojan Horse, the preparation of the Judgment was in progress.
The absolute rule of my master existence is eye for eye, and tooth for tooth. The spiritual world on the earth has imaginatively created from heaven to hell to humans. However, the Judgment toward the existence of ma-kai (the evil world) has only been gently imaged on its extension.
Against this, my master existence told that there is an absolute will in this physical universe that will make them to take responsibility even though it takes 10 billion years. It also told that forgiveness belongs to humans. The spiritual world on the earth has formed one black hole, has distorted even the absolute rule, and repeats the eternal story in the distortion. It needed to create the appropriate place for this story where the conscious beings in ma-kai (the evil world) should go and teach that to them. It was the the divine retribution toward the conscious beings.