The Final Knowledge (83)

Chapter Six


(Web page 28/51)
(Book page 487~489)

I was told that one passage, the year 1999, seventh month, from the sky will come a great king of terror, would be realized. On the promised day, it came down into my companion’s head. Because an antidepressant and a tranquilizer were working on her brain at that time, the hazardous mad circuit was in an inert state. What came from the sky was a program rather than a great king. The weed of that dark information system was moved into my brain without germinating. I knew that it was the program of words. If it had worked, the story of the planet Mars as the symbol for the god of war, Mars, that commands war would have started according to the Prophecies of Nostradamus. The program was created to radiate the energy of the thoughts and feelings of detestation and retaliation from human ghosts and all rei-kai (the ghost world) to all the human world. I was made to see something like its weed or core in the vision. While I was looking at it, my consciousness analyzed the mass of characters. It was similar to but different from the system to create an infinite story which was crystalized in my companion’s head. It was not the thing which one in shin-kai (the god world) created. Neither did one in ma-kai (the evil world). There was a smell of a human being somewhere. I did not think that a human being could create it, but I felt a prayer there. I reconsidered if the human knowledge could create it.
I hit on the existence of a conscious being in a human body that invaded into the energy field of the spiritual world with the highest level of knowledge for magic power knowing it was a sin of conscience. It would be far more difficult than creating the philosopher’s stone but not impossible. It was a human being who reached the power that was able to realize the destruction of the human world and the Earth on his human knowledge and got the knowledge just like god in his hand. I wanted to call him a white wizard. I was convinced that there was a human being who reached that far on the human knowledge. Prayer was put in the program.

If god does not carry it out
humans will lead
this planet ruled by god of deception
to destruction with the power deriving from themselves
why don’t you make a judgment?
have you already forsaken
this planet
which puts the finest souls on fire?