The Final Knowledge (262)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

(Web page 11/35, p17)
(Book page 41~44)

That night, the ability of my companion, who was yorishiro (divine dwellee) of gods, was awakened. I was told that she was going to awake, and I said that uta (verse) was sent to her. “Uta (verse) has been sent in your head. It says that it is from Amaterasu. It says if you search your head, you will find it.” She had a dubious look on her face, but she put on a silent voice. She said it could be the one. She took out a memo and wrote it down.

Uta (verse) on February 5th, 1992 (1)
U tsu ku shi ki shi ro ki ya ma
da i se n
ka mi ga mi no shi ro ki ya ma
i ma to na ri
fu ta ri ta chi nu
“Ise Amaterasu”

I looked at uta (verse). This cannot be created by human conscious activity. Additionally, uta (verse) from “Ise Amaterasu” was sent to my companion and me. And after that, gods of Okinawa sent us uta (verse). It was from the shrine we just visited.

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo uta on February 5th (2)
Ka mi wo mi chi bi ku
ki mi no mi ko ko ro
o shi e ta ma fu
ki ka se ta ma fu
ka mi no hi ka ri no
hi to tsu no o shi e
“Ise Amaterasu”

To the companion uta (verse) on February 5th (3)
Wa re wo mi ru
hi to no ko ko ro no
ha ka na sa wo
ma mi e ru ka mi no
mi ko ko ro na ri ke ri
“Ise Amaterasu”

Uta on February 5th (4)
Na ki nu re te
i to u re shi
o ki na wa no chi ni
ka mi ma i ra n
“Hinokami” (Naminoue

Uta on February 5th (5)
Fu te n ma no ma mo ri shi
ka mi no o ya shi ro ni
ha ru ka no ku ni no
ka mi zo ki ta ra n