The Final Knowledge (259)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

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(Book page 33~35)

Takachiho was “Amaterasuhi”, Kunimi was “Amatsuhitsukitoyoukei”, and Karakuni was “Amatsutsuki”. When the prayer was accepted, the light would erect. I was told that shrines made it possible to do that from the front shrine.
I prayed in front of the front shrine as the revelation said. There was a vision in the prayer, and I was looking at the Earth from outer space. I could recognize a shape of Kyushu, and a light spot was generated in Kirishima. The vision changed again. This time Kirishima was seen from the ground, and the light emitted from the top of the mountains looked like threads. That light got thicker and thicker, and finally three threads of light became one. I realized that the light pillar was erected. I opened my eyes and waited for my companion. When her eyelids moved, I asked. “Has the light erected?” She had a praying posture again as if she confirmed it. She brought out words in the posture. “The light is standing.” Next morning, I visited Jingu again and confirmed the light. When I closed my eyes, I saw the pillar of the light erecting clearly at the peak lit by the beautiful rising sun.
Next was Hitakami. The order was designated this time also. First, I had shin-gyo (god work) at Adatara. Next was Gassan. I would know if I went to Gassan. I prepared at Koriyama and headed for Adatara shrine. As for shin-gyo (god work) I had done by then, I did not need maps. I had been guided around by car or on foot. If I had not known, instructions had come to my companion who was my guide. However, I was lost here. I could roughly know directions, but I could not reach the destination. I ended up asking children. They said it was located next to their school. I had been walking around there. I had not noticed though. It was like being left in the fog.
Before that, I had been ordered to clean dark kekkai (sacred shield) which blocked the light on a line connecting Hyuga and Hitakami. “Ukanomitama” was godship also related to Mt. Hakusan. Dark thoughts of human beings were accumulated in mountains of Fushimi. On the day when I was driving to Fushimi with my companion, we got lost. I was bewitched by a fox. My companion was originally from Nara so that she was familiar with the local geography. I have been this area by car several times and should have known the way. However, I kept choosing a wrong path. The mountain of Fushimi Inari was in sight but it was hard to reach. By the time I parked on the premise, dusk was approaching. I climbed the mountain while purifying. More dark energy than imagined generated by human beings was on the mountain. Myriad of evil deities and ghosts were wriggling. I found my companion possessed by something and walking forward in front of me. She seemed to be collecting darkness. I shouted out. “Don’t walk in front of me!” She sprang and stopped walking. I said again. “Do not walk in front of me. It’s dangerous.” She came back to herself. Finally, night completely fell. As I went on, I heard the creaking sound of a door from the darkness. I got goose bumps. The sound got louder though there was no wind blowing. Ghost wave and evil wave. I could feel her fear. I purified that energy with extreme anger. The anger filled in me did not derive from a human being. The mountain originally belonged to the field of god. The place abhorred impurity the most. Diverse wishes generated from human desires were replaced with faiths and darkly covered the mountain. Dark energy generated from human minds were strong enough to cover up the light of gods. Darkness itself would soon act like a god. Getting lost was one of the malicious obstructions.
I got lost at Adatara not because of an evil disturbance, but because there was no signal emitted. I wandered if they did not know I was coming. The enshrined deities of Adatara shrine were “Takamimusubi” and “Kamimusubi”. Those deities were described in Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters) that they were second and third generation of “Amenominakanushi” and hid themselves as a solo god. “Takamimusubi” and “Kamimusubi” were different names of one deity. That was because “Takatsukamitsukuri” of Kukami-monjyo was divided into two names.