The Final Knowledge (256)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

(Web page 5/35, p11)
(Book page 26~27)

At Shirayama-hime shrine, light of gods who were “Izanagi”, “Izanami” and “Kamimusubi” greeted us. When I was going to pray to Mt. Haku after I prayed at the mains shrine, I was told to buy ofuda (paper amulet).
While my companion was buying ofuda (paper amulet), I suddenly understood. I remembered the time when I was around three years old. I was in my rain boots and picking up stones from a puddle. My child mind could tell good stones and bad stones. I felt like some stones talked to me so that I put them in my pocket. By the time to go home after sunset, my pocket was filled with stones. I threw them away by the roadside on my way home. I did not want them any more because the stones served their purposes. I wonder those stones were alive.
Shirayama-hime is Tsurugi-hime Kikuri-hime Kukuri-hime Without the power of knot no god dwells
Divine energy dwells in a stone and the stone becomes alive Divine energy dwells in a body and the body becomes human This is the function of knot
It is Kukuri and the reason of Kiku If you are mitama (spirit) of Amatsuhitsuki you know this reason
By this function god of Toyouke stands”
I put ofuda (paper amulet) that my companion bought in my pocket and prayed to Mt. Haku in the distance.
I noticed that light shone on my companion standing by me. She saw the light from shin-kai (the god world) for the first time. After she finished her prayer and calmed down, I took out ofuda (paper amulet). I could know it emitted energy when I put it closer to my forehead. I gave it to my companion. Her reply was, “I feel the same light coming from the mountain.” As I had been taught, both my companion and I were ready.
It was Ise. Geku (the outer shrine) in the early morning had neither divine energy nor evil one. I felt it was cleaned. It had the power to purify as a field.
I prayed in front of the main shrine. I prayed and prayed, the prayer reached, and light erected. After I finished praying, I saw my companion. After a while, she opened her eyes. She saw me and said that wind started to blow. A little later, scentful divine energy surrounded us while we were walking down the approach. Geku (the outer shrine) was ready.
Next was Naiku (the inner shrine). I crossed the river and the place was purified. Divine energy waited for us as usual. I waited while playing with carps on the river of purification. Then, revelation came and I stood in front of the main shrine. I prayed. I prayed and prayed, and the door opened by the will of god. I knew that it was ready and saw my companion. Some time later, my companion saw me and said. “It sounded “Understood”.”
Everything was all right. Wind blows and blows, and everything will be known. I saw the mouth of a huge ball start jetting in my vision.