The Final Knowledge (255)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

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(Book page 24~26)

In that sense, the books of Hotsuma and Kukami exist based on the clear intention of god. Without Hotsuma, “Shirayama-hime” cannot be understood. Without Kukami, God the Father of Jesus cannot be understood.
This is about Kukami-monjo. This document starts with the beginning the universe, and, as gods to create gods in this universe, three gods appeared. They are Amatsuhi-mihikari-ookami “Amatsuhi” or Amaterasuhi-mihikari-ookami “Amaterasuhi”, Amatsutsuki-mihikari-ookami “Amatsutsuki” and Amatsuhitsuki-toyoukei-mihikari-ookami “Amatsuhitsuki-toyoukei”. Only by working those three gods together, it can be possible to create gods.
When I found the name, the letters of “Amatsuhitsuki-toyoukei” were blinking.
Toyoukei is Toyouke.”
A phrase said so, and then the words coming into my head were “Eternal contract”.
When I saw them again, those three gods became one god, Takatsukami-tsukuri, and created Amatsu-toyouke and Kunitsu-toyouke. This “Toyouke” does not have a chinese character [生] (live, life). In Kukami-monjyo, it is described that the beginning of the universe started from a congeries of life energy and power. In the sense of generating the life energy, the words of “Amatsuhitsuki-toyoukei” are placed. Before splitting into those three gods, there was a simple name of Amatsu-mihikari as one god, and it is said that the story in the universe with the sun, the moon and stars began from those three gods. Unless one god bothered to split into three godhoods, new things cannot be done. And, the godhoods before split and after reintegration are not the same. This transformation can be called evolution. In Genesis of the Bible, it is described that God created the universe and commanded, “Let there be light”. The godhood who is the body of the celestial light comes from Amatsumihikari, which literally means the body of the celestial light. In the spiritual world, words like light, life energy and fluctuation are used daily, but humans have not been able to interpret this story. Human consciousness have been sealed. The key to open this seal or door is Ise.
A vision came to me. There was something like a huge ball in my sight, and wine cork-like object was standing in the mouth of the ball. God told me to pull this off. A new year started, and clear revelation came.
“Visit Shirayama-hime shrine with yorishiro (divine dwellee) of gods.
After that, visit Geku (the outer shrine). Then, when it is ready, visit Naiku (the inner shrine).”
This was the beginning of shin-gyo (god work). This time, I was educated by the divine knowledge in advance. When I asked some questions which were not found in the human knowledge, I was only told just to go and see.
In the morning of the departure, I explained the general system and danger to make sure to my companion, whom I secretly called a spoon-bending girl, for this shin-gyo (god work).
Humans in the past who sought this path piled up so many their own dead bodies. Lonely death could be better, but many led groups of people to destruction as fanatics. Who wants to have shin-gyo (god work) to end the era symbolized by Jesus’ death on a cross? However, my companion chose this path. That was the moment that I thought my companion might die out of my human feeling.
A voice came again.
“There will be no death nor derangement.”
I was pushed out.