The Final Knowledge (254)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

(Web page 3/35, p9)
(Book page 21~24)

At first, I thought that the system of Japan was simply operated by a pair of a man and a woman, which is two pillars. However, I have known about that since long time ago.
One day, I received a call from a woman who was my guide as god’s yorishiro (divine dwellee). “Strangely enough, I found myself in Naiku (the inner shrine) of Ise shrine. I don’t know why, but I thought I needed to call you.” Data came in. A riddle was solved.
Such a preparation can be done only by god. I felt admiration. The secret was not hidden. It was openly put in the middle, but nobody noticed.
I understood for the first time why Japan was the preparation of the country of god. Amaterasu moved from one place to another with “Yamatohime”, and shrine of “Amaterasu” was built in Ise as the final destination, which is Naiku (the inner shrine). Then, Geku (the outer shrine) was built by the revelation of “Amaterasu” who wanted to invite “Toyouke”. Since then, shrine was essentially rebuilt every 20 years. One god is placed in each Naiku (the inner shrine) and Geku (the outer shrine), which makes 2 gods. Each shrine went back and forth between central pillars every 20 years. In the peaceful world of gods, it was not silent but like yelling out, 2, 2, 2.
Before then, I had known that Geku (the outer shrine) was empty. As if the editor of Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters) was baffled by finding the name “Toyouke” in Geku (the outer shrine), he inserted this name into the attendance members of the descent of Amaterasu’s grandson “Ninigi” from heaven. At least, the equal shrine to the king of god could not be prepared for those godhoods of the members. That was what it was. “Amaterasu” prepared Geku (the outer shrine) as the shrine for the highest class of god who was “Toyouke” behind the editor of Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters). “Amaterasu” ordered “Yamatohime” to prepare the system to give off signals of 2, 2, 2, which could be easily understood by certain level of god. The certified godhood prepared by “Amaterasu” stood at Geku (the outer shrine), and the system of Japan started. This is extraordinary. At least, this idea cannot be generated by human brain.
Then, who is “Toyouke”? The answer was easily found. It was in Kukami-monjyo. I had been taught that god manipulated some of Koshi Koden (ancient history and legends excluded from official histories) with intention. The Kojiki and Nihonshoki as official histories are compiled with the clear human purpose of justifying the authority of Yamato Court. The information brings social stabilization but cannot hide predictive nature as long as it derives from the divine world. The part concerning human interest is manipulated by humans, which is applied to all the religious documents on the earth. The Bible is entirely manipulated, but god accepted that. When time comes, it will be known by capable people. The answer is in a phrase of the Bible, “Meanwhile, many people will waste their efforts trying to understand what is happening.”
Also, what is needed is the knowledge, so that if the ancient information is lost, it will be regained by Kamigakari (trance), saying “Write down the information from the ancient time.” It is meaningless to discuss the presence of script from the Age of Gods or the origin of mythology in the theme that Koshi Koden (ancient history and legends excluded from official histories) are apocryphal books or faked from any point of view. It is all in believing or not. Humans already know that even illiterate people can create books by automatic writing. In that sense, the best faked work could be the one that people believe in the orthodoxy.
For the day or hour, the information is temporally and spatially placed in polyphyletic way. From many pieces of information, someone will finally completes a puzzle. To make it happen, god intervenes whenever it is needed.