The Final Knowledge (253)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

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Let me return to the beginning point again. There is a will that has placed the Bible for 2000 years on the ground. Or, this will tries to lead all humankind to the knowledge that cannot be know without the knowledge of the Bible. That could be representation of god to human beings. The Bible bothers to put a riddle and tells those who have wisdom to solve it because the day to be solved never fails to come. The beginning was that the will placing the Bible on the ground changed the form and manifested in this country around the opening of the country.
In terms of spiritual culture, the knowledge that ended the Edo shogunate in Japan could be kokugaku (national study) of Mito, which had the same roots in Tokugawa family as the shogunate. The feudal system was ended by the shogun from Mito domain. Energy that created change in this era not only started the flow of the human spiritual culture from Confucianism to kokugaku (national study), but also mobilized the existences of the spiritual world, that are gods. In this movement, gods sealed in this country started kamigakari (divine possession). Gods who were sleeping, such as the one possessed Kawate Bunjiro, were considered to be dangerous in the existing knowledge. Subsequently, Meiji government issued the expulsion of Buddhism, and placed Shinto under the country. As a result of the fact that initiative of the spiritual world was trampled by senseless human knowledge, the wrath of gods was conveyed.
The anger of god was represented in uta (verse), “Ta ka a ma no shi n no ha shi ra ga ka ra bi to ya”, written by Nakayama Miki with automatic writing. This anger reached a god that possessed Deguchi Nao and declared “reconstruction” of the whole world. It is said that it is inevitable to happen but cannot be known by god and people. It is the same message as the Bible. The day or hour comes. However, a message from the time of Jesus says that only god knows.
I investigated the information of gods of Japan, and I thought that it would be in Japan that the true identity of some energy of the spiritual world which has retained the Bible for 2000 years would be clarified. According to the information of the spiritual world, it has been ready ten to one. Gods worked, and humans in the past responded to the gods’ voice saying “straighten the way” and worked as the possessed. The last one step was my job. The words, “system of Japan”, was playing like figured bass in my head while thinking.
Around that time, a woman who had a kind of supernatural power was trained by shin-kai (the god world) of Japan to be my companion for the shin-gyo (god work). She repeatedly went to the library, read books of ancient gods and went to shrines almost unconsciously. The more problems people with supernatural power and psychics living on this ground have as human beings, the higher their potential is. It is dangerous. While the preparation was going further, I expressed opposition to god about my companion many times. The answer was always the same.
“This is the contract between the celestial sky and the ground.”
In history, always one man appeared at a turning point in the spiritual world. Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad. In Japan, however, women also had roles. A pair of Deguchi Nao and Wanisaburo was a revelation showing that both men and women would engage in the coming reconstruction. It was a will of god to convert the history justifying the control by power of the male principle. It is like flying on one engine to have only the male principle. A pair of the male and female principles restores an equilibrium state also in the spiritual world. The time of control by violent power must be terminated. More importantly, this shin-gyo (god work) is proved in the human world. It is intended to place a perfect divine witness.