The Final Knowledge (247)

Chapter Two

【The Mad Land】

(Web page 54/58, p95)
(Book page 240~242)

Kekkai (sacred shield) seemed to be broken. Ha ku shi ro was breaking white. Shi ro ki ha ta ri was white moon written in uta (verse) of “Amaterasu”, and ha ta ri was evil. It also meant white doom or collapse. And, this was a revelation. It simply indicated that gods were not eternal.
Furthermore, “Konohanasakuyahime” has protected Mt. Fuji of Japan. If Fuji was considered to be a symbol, Japan succumbed to ma-kai (the evil world) on that day. Japan became of the same level as the world. “Amaterasu” completed the role, and the symbol which had supported ancient kekkai (sacred shield) of Japan was the deity who identified herself as “Konohanasakuyahime”. When kekkai (sacred shield) which “Amatsutsuki” made “Amaterasu” create was broken, the existence who had initiative in shin-kai (the god world) would disappear. I was required to maintain it, but I did not respond. I was becoming able to see the structure of the problem.
Around that time, I understood as reality that each shin-kai (the god world) had an entirely different pyramid structure, and they had no mutual communication. It was impossible to interact without human medium such as my companion or me. To put it plainly, something like energy frequency forming the information system was different. As a result, they were in a state of mutual distrust. Shin-kai (the god world) was split and ruled at least for the past 2000 years. I felt that it made clear that the human world was a mirror world reflecting the spiritual world.
However, a summit god of each shin-kai (the god world) has always deployed human beings called mikotomochi in Japan who has a role among their own wakemitama (child spirits) in the human world. I was told from shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth that those human beings would work in this revolution of shin-kai (the god world). Like “Nichiren” for “Ise-Amaterasu”, or “Wanisaburo” for “Susanoo”, human beings who were given mikoto, which was a mission or a message must have exist. However, humans did not react despite the intention of gods. Only wakemitama (child spirits) which were placed in human beings gathered toward light. It was beings of shin-kai (the god world) that instructed me to send light to those wakemitama (child spirits). It became my job to purify wakemitama (child spirits) and send back to utsushimi (human body).