The Final Knowledge (228)

Chapter Two

【The Mad Land】

(Web page 35/58, p76)
(Book page 190~192)


After I was given the light of “Amatsutsuki”, I kept contact with the consciousness of “Deguchi Wanisaburo” who had light. That was wake-mitama (child-spirit) of “Susanoo” who worked to prove that shin-kai (the god world) of Japan was not involved in the war, before the defeat of Japan. That was “Wanisaburo” who said that his consciousness was playing in Orion while his body was on the ground in jail under suppression.
His consciousness never lost unique humor even though he was in shin-kai (the god world). If “Wanisaburo” had not worked to input the knowledge in the human world that Japan was the archetype of the world, my shin-gyo (god-work) could not have started. The consciousness was the closest existence to me in terms of time. I asked how it was going. Uta (verse) was sent to me.

Uta (verse) on February 27th (1)
Ko no yo no ma tsu wo
shi ri ta ru ha
ko re na ri u ru
shi ro ki fu ji
ya wa no a ka go no
u ma re ru ki to ki
fu ji no ha na sa ki
tsu ta no bi shi to ki
ki ra ku na ko no mi
sa shi te mo ne
yu ku yu ku so ra no
mi chi ka ke no
o n na no ko re to
ni ta ru na ri
yu me yu me shi ri na mu
ma ki ta ra mu
ya wa ra ka ki ku mo no u e
shi ru yo shi yu ki ta ri

This verse sounded like he just sat back and enjoyed watching at ease at the end of the world. At the same time, I could understand the progress of the end of the world to some extent. The reconstruction of the Greater World was for the entire spiritual world. As if it was reflected, my companion’s description changed on that day.