The Final Knowledge (223)

Chapter Two

【The Mad Land】

(Web page 30/58, p71)
(Book page 177~180)

My companion was looking at the vision of a red cross which was almost black. The darkness of this world, dark thoughts swirling in human minds. That was the red ruby, the true identity of the cross of the color of blood. The crescent moon was holding the red cross like holding between human thumb and forefinger. I was connected with “Muhammad” by a different line from my companion’s and was taught what I should know. After “Muhammad” left, yamato-uta (old Japanese verse) was sent to me by word of mouth through my companion.

Uta (verse) on February 24th (1)
Ma wo a ri te
shi ra shi me n
ko no ma mi no
no ya ma i te ta ru
ya ma ha na ni
ku ru i sa ki ta ru
o no o no ni
ya wo mo ta re shi
ka ze wo fu ka re shi
yu ki wo fu ra shi
a me wo fu ra shi
wa ka ra se ta ma e
shi ra shi me ta ma e
ko no mi chi no ta da shi ki mi chi wo
/ god of Sumer”

Uta (verse) on February 24th (2)
Shu re i no o n
ka ki mo su se ji
a ri ga ta ki
wa re ta chi nu

Uta (verse) on February 24th (3)
Hi me to shi te
ka yo wa ki chi ni shi
sa shi mo i de
ku ru su na no yu ki
fu ki te
ka e ra mu
sa re do ko no o n wa su re ka ta ki
o mo i shi

Uta (verse) on February 24th (4)
Wa ka ko ta ri na ma mu
so no mi chi su ji ni
ka ga ya ke ru hoshi (star) tsuki (moon) hi (sun)
mi hi ka ri wo hi ki shi so no mi no
yu fu ki to a i wo
ta ta e mu
ko re so hi ka ri a ri
u re shi ki yu ma no
ma mi ku ru no i ma to na ri
shi n no mi chi su ji
hi ka re shi ko to wo