The Final Knowledge (221)

Chapter Two

【The Mad Land】

(Web page 28/58, p69)
(Book page 173~175)

Greek mythology tells five generations of human beings. Those are five generations from Golden Tribe to Iron Tribe. A kind of secret code is also hidden here.
Gods first created humans of Golden Tribe. That was the age when “Cronus” was a ruler. The humans of Golden Tribe had pure minds without depression, pain, nor grief like gods, and they never got old miserably and lived away from any misfortunes, and they died in their sleep. They were blessed with all kinds of virtue.
In Greek mythology, it is said that the earth buried and hid the Golden Tribe living in the era of “Cronus”.
Next, the Olympians created Silver Tribe who were much inferior to the previous one. They lived as children for 100 years and could live for a short time once they grew up. This tribe who had a lot of anxieties in their poor minds provoked “Zeus” and was eliminated.
Then, “Zeus” created the third human beings called Bronze Tribe. This tribe was different from the previous tribe to be scary people, warlike and nefarious. They destroyed each other and disappeared, after all.
After that, “Zeus” created more honest and finer human beings than before. They were the godly tribe of heros. They were called demigod but was destroyed by war.
The fifth one is Iron Tribe. They are the humans of our time, and Hesiod wrote that “Zeus” would eliminate this tribe too. Also, the story of the deluge destroying humans and a chest is told in Greece. Main character in the story is not Noah, but Deucalion, whose father is “Prometheus” who gave humans fire, and his wife, Pyrrha. Pyrrha is a daughter of “Epimetheus”, who is a brother of “Prometheus”, and Pandra, who is known as Pandra’s box leaving only hope inside which is a gift from “Zeus”.
“Zeus” brought a heavy rain on the earth to abolish human beings. Also, he flooded the rivers and the sea with the help of “Poseidon” who is the god of the sea. The earth became one ocean, and human beings were destroyed. However, Deucalion and Pyrrha were informed of this from “Prometheus” so that they built a chest and were saved from this deluge.
In Greece, “Prometheus” is considered to be the patriarch of human culture who not only gave fire to humans but also taught words and numbers and also how to build houses and ships. Confrontation and reconciliation between “Prometheus” and “Zeus” are the key of the story of Greek gods. The positional relationship between humans and gods would be clear if it was considered “Prometheus” as a symbol of human spirit and “Zeus” as a symbol of gods. At that time, humans and gods were close. And, more than mythologies, ancient Greece is the roots of knowledge forming the backbone of today’s human spirit. Philosophy, medicine, and mathematics. All that is missing here may be the concept of only god. Humans were forced to take a long detour. There is a hidden meaning that “Zeus” who gave me a bunch of grapes would make “Hecate” who fell to the ground accompany me. “Hecate” knew ma-kai (the evil world).