The Final Knowledge (220)

Chapter Two

【The Mad Land】

(Web page 27/58, p68)
(Book page 172~173)

Egypt hardly left the information of gods. Greek mythology is eloquent. It is too eloquent for the human knowledge to get closer to the most important information.
Greek creation myth begins with “Chaos”. It is chaotic. Next, “Gaia” was born. It was earth. According to Hesiod, along with “Gaia”, “Tartarus”, the deep abyss and “Eros”, a god of love were born. Also from the “Chaos”, “Erebos” and “Nyx” were born. “Erebus” was the Underworld, and “Nyx” was dark night. These gods were united with love, and “Aether” or “Aither”, celestial light and “Hemera”, daylight were born.
First, “Gaia” gave birth alone to “Uranus”, the sky, and then, mountains and “Pontus”, the sea. After that, mother goddess, “Gaia” and father god, “Uranus” had the Titans of divine descendants, whose youngest son was Cronus. Father god “Uranus” imprisoned the Titans deep within earth. Mother goddess “Gaia” had pain because the earth was filled with the Titans. So, she shaped a great flint-bladed sickle and encouraged the Titans to kill their father. “Cronus”, youngest son was willing, and he castrated “Uranus” with the great sickle and casted severed testicles into the sea. From this attack, “Cronus” won the control of the earth. It is said that the testicles of “Uranus” casted into the sea by “Cronus” was tossed about by tide and produced a white foam from which the goddess of beauty, “Aphrodite” emerged.
“Cronus” got married to his sister “Rhea” of the Titans, but “Gaia” and “Uranus” prophesied that he was also destined to be overcome by his own sons. So “Cronus” devoured all his children as soon as they were born. His wife goddess “Rhea” resented him so that she secretly gave birth to “Zeus” and let “Cronus” swallow a stone disguised as his son.
Once “Zeus” had grown up, he forced “Cronus” to take an emetic and disgorge all the children he had swallowed. “Cronus” and the other Titans were overthrown in the war. The rule of the world was divided by “Zeus” and his siblings. “Zeus” the sky, “Poseidon” the sea, and “Hades” the underworld. The story of “Uranus”, “Cronus” and “Zeus” had the same cycle.
Father god was killed by his son and overthrown. And, the one controlling the sky factually attained the control of the earth.