The Final Knowledge (216)

Chapter Two

【The Mad Land】

(Web page 23/58, p64)
(Book page 162~164)

“Hathor” is a godess known as a symbol of an ox. The reason why this message is from “Hathor” is that it says “a ka ki na i ru (red Nile)” at the beginning.
Egyptian mythology has a similar structure of Japanese one. There was chaos at the beginning, which was called “Nun”. From there, god in the shape of a human being called “Atum” was born. “Atum” built a mound of land called Benben in the sea of “Nun”. The land was created in the primordial waters ”Nun”. The symbol of “Atum” in the shape of a human being was a dung beetle called “Hepel”. “Hepel”, which rolled a ball of dung, was considered to be equated with the solar deity “Ra”. Thus, “Atum” who made a mound of land called Benben in the primordial waters was a solar deity “Ra”. Atum = Ra was the first god so that he created a male god “Shu” meaning air or wind and a goddess called “Tefnut” meaning moisture. From these two gods, “Geb” who was a male god of Earth and “Nut” who was a sky goddess were created. From “Geb” and “Nut”, a male god “Osiris”, a goddess “Isis”, a female god “Set” and a goddess “Nephthys” were born.
“Osiris” was killed in the conspiracy of “Set”, and his body was mutilated and scattered throughout the land of Egypt. “Isis” gathered up the parts of his body to resurrected “Osiris” and gave birth to “Horus”, who was the son of “Osiris”. However, one part of the body of “ Osiris” was missing so that it was questioned if “Horus” was the true son of “Osiris”, but gods approved that “Horus” avenged his father who was killed by “Set”. With this story, “Osiris” was worshiped as the king of the underworld by human beings. This is the story where gods kill each other.
Aside from this, there is an Egyptian mythology about the gods’ plan where gods kill human beings. When the solar deity “Ra” got old, humans were planning to revolt against the god. “Ra” who found out this gathered deities and decided to annihilate human beings. The eyes of “Ra” became “Hathor”, came down to the earth, and first, killed humans in deserts outside Egypt. Then, he killed humans from the north of the Nile. As it got dark in the middle, the southern part of the Nile was left. At this point, “Ra” changed his mind, and he poured the beer mixed with red soil into the field. Next day, “Hathor” was deceived into thinking the beer was human blood. She drank beer and got drunk so that some humans could avoid being killed. This is a story. “A ka ki na i ru (red Nile)” tells this mythology. This is the mythological archetype of the plan where the god eliminates humans. This is that “Hathor”. It is the name representing a part of the sun deity, and it is a goddess. “Amaterasu” in Japan has also been said to be a goddess. Here is the same mythological structure.

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo Uta (verse) on February 22nd (2)
Ku hi ni ka za ri wo tsu ke ta ru
me no o
a shi sa ki za ki ni
ka ga ya ku ki n shi to
i shi no ka ke ra wo
wa ta shi ta mo no ni
tsu ru shi ku mo ke mu wo
a ta fu