The Final Knowledge (215)

Chapter Two

【The Mad Land】

(Web page 22/58, p63)
(Book page 159~162)


In the past on the Earth, there was a system where human beings are controlled by wake-mitama (child spirits) of deities. Actually, the beings called god and deities on the Earth were all controlled with the same system as wake-mitama (child spirits) by the darkness which I met. When the force to awaken acts, so does the force to put us to sleep, at the same time. When the force to go forward into the future acts, so does the force to go back into the past. In order to take a step further with that knowledge, the human thought and will are needed. The light and the darkness are always in balance. Human beings or the Earth has a deity appropriate only for their spirituality. And, the darkness that I met was looking for the light mitama (spirit) in order to become god. I felt hopeless. The fate of Jesus’ crucifixion got closer to me again.
Shin-kai (the god world) that I opened was more than a Pandora’s box. There were Egyptian god world, Greek god world, Jesus’ god world, Muhammad’s god world, and Buddha’s god world, and Indian deities had each god world. That was just like human religious rei-kai (the ghost world). Each one was a pyramid or a mountain. Those who belonged to each mountain believed that their mountain was on top of the world. However, in shin-kai (the god world), the one on top of each mountain knew that the day or hour would come in the data from their superior. If those god worlds were white mountains or white peaks, the darkness existed enfolding all of those mountains and peaks.
It was the same as the vision that I was made to watch at the beginning. However, this time, I learned that the deep darkness like sludge covering over the Earth makes one conscious being as a whole. The Earth as a whole is a hell and a camp for some. Paradoxically, it is a place to learn. Are human souls so sinful? Is this place a prison even for gods? Then I noticed. This is a cycle. Those who should know and awakened have known this since thousands of years ago. It will be the same if there is some difference in styles of communication. The human spirituality which broke through the boundary of the darkness covering over the Earth saw this system from outside. Then, they found the program that the day or hour would come.
From the next day when I met the ruler of the darkness, all the god worlds of the Earth started to go wrong. This proved that it was ready. The mountains and peaks, which were maintained in order within the darkness, became free. They were unsealed, or they awakened.
First, it was Egypt.
My companion started to write saying “In Egypt, hat….”.

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo Uta (verse) on February 22nd (1)
A ka ki na i ru (red Nile)
shi ro ki na i ru (white NIle)
yu fu me no a to ni na ka re i te ta ru
shi ro ki ra ku no ho shi to
su tsu ru ku no ki ri to
ta mu ya ka ni na ka re tsu ki ru
sa me su me shi ku no su na