The Final Knowledge (214)

Chapter Two

【The Mad Land】

(Web page 21/58, p62)
(Book page 157~159)

I do not have mitama (spirit) in a sense of the Earth. I do not have mind either. I knew that. Before the system of Nihon (Japan) started, I had been made to act as wake-mitama (child-spirit) of “Amatsuhitsuki-toyouke”. I could do that because I had mitama (spirit). However, when I worked as wake-mitama (child-spirit) and the light pillar stood, it no longer controlled me. To be precise, it left me. Originally, the existence that I call god and recognize as god has a different line from “Amatsuhitsuki-toyouke” and “Amatsutsuki”. It was a contract that I received the mitama (spirit) and was born as a human being. It was so in a mythical way. To explain it differently, I started from wake-mitama (child-spirit) of “Amatsuhitsuki-toyouke”. Or I could explain that I became mitama (child-spirit) itself of “Amatsuhitsuki-toyouke” by working, and I was given the light of “Amatsutsuki” and have evolved into superior deity.
However, in this case, I cannot prove the existence of my master god without introducing the concept that the time and space are not homogeneous. However, it is the same in the rule of the spiritual world, which is that there is a story at the beginning. I would say that the existence that I call god has not existed in the knowledge of the Earth. When “the system of Nihon (Japan)” started, my mitama (spirit) changed.
Furthermore, humanly speaking, “Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor.” which is Jesus’ words plainly explains that I do not have a mind.
Human minds function as a mirror. It is a special mirror to reflect only what they want to see and surface it to the consciousness. Human consciousness is a microcosm which consists of only the elements reflected by the mind. The attribute of an unawakened human being, which is seeing but fail to see and hearing but fail to hear, comes from this human mind attribute.
Then, what would happen if this mirror of the mind did not exist? The human consciousness would meet spiritual energy without a buffer. That would be accompanied by unbearable pain. I was born as a human being without a mind which was a mirror for god’s experiment. As long as I remember, I suffered from severe headaches even when I was in a crowd. The words of others, if they carried evil energy, were directly brought up in my consciousness. Anyone has unconscious wickedness. They unconsciously hurt each other. It often took days to deal with even a word from someone. I do not have a mind as a mirror, but I have the seat of the mind so that my heart beats faster than anyone else and I get moved. So, I get easily impressed. That also stimulates conscious actions. The amplitude of the spiritual practice vastly increases.
Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor… They are deeply wounded and moved. They can think profoundly. They can reach light.