The Final Knowledge (213)

Chapter Two

【The Mad Land】

(Web page 20/58, p61)
(Book page 155~157)

At midnight. Strong energy held down my body. My head was held on to a pillow, and the nervous system of my whole body was numbed against my will. The energy was so strong that I believed so. At least, I lost my motor control. However, I was strangely fully conscious. While I was held down, I prayed and observed it. The power did not have light. It had no words either. It did not seem to have desire to communicate with me. I kept talking to it unilaterally in my thought. A long time had passed.
Suddenly, I could understand what it was doing. The existence was probing my whole existence. It was searching my entire human microcosm for “mitama” (spirit). It examined me thoroughly thinking that I must have the source of light. The first one left a question mark in its thought and left. I had control over my body back.
The second one came soon. I lost my motor control again. I could feel that I was probed again. This time, not only my brain but also the inside of my thought seemed to be searched. “There is no mitama (spirit).” This thought was transmitted to me. I felt that the number of question marks in its thought increased. I felt that I could make contact with the energy of its thought. When I felt so, it left me. I had known in advance that it would come three times. Not the same one would come three times, but three different elements of the trinity would come separately.
When the third one came, I was freed from an initial sense of tension or awe. I lost my control over my body as before, but overall energy seemed to decrease. Then, it was trying to look into my mind. I was not sure if it was my master existence or me, but my consciousness was smilingly watching over its actions.
This time, it was transmitting the thought, “There is no mind.” The thought was kind of puzzled. There is no mitama (spirit). There is no mind. What the hell is this? Its thought was telling so. The answer is one. I am only a human being. However, ordinary human beings have mind, so that I am subspecific of a human being. Then, where does the light come from?

“From outside of your recognition.”

My master existence answered to it through my consciousness. The third one also left. When it was leaving, it sent the thoughts to me. “I knew that you were coming. I am ready…”