The Final Knowledge (211)

Chapter Two

【The Mad Land】

(Web page 18/58, p59)
(Book page 151~153)


Toward that day, I ascended and kept thinking. I organized the information and prayed.
I noticed that “ma mi mu su bi” was not 真身* (*literally means “true body”), but 魔身* (*literally means “evil body”). A human soul is a union of light and darkness. Both divinity and devilism reside in anyone’s inward. Anyone who is born to be a human being on the Earth is inevitably tied to the evil. They are connected to ma-kai (the evil world).
On the Earth, since long before the humans made a covenant with god, the contract between shin-kai (the god world) and ma-kai (the evil world) has been completed. In the phase of the spiritual world involved with the Earth, shin-kai (the god world) and ma-kai (the evil world) are paired until the day or hour. And, the one controls the physical world and the human world of the Earth is ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness). It is not the king of ma-kai (the evil world) that the humans know. It is equal to the Creator, God that the humans assume. It is something that believes both matter and human beings are created by itself. It tries to control everything. I call this conscious being ma-ou (the ancient ruler of light and darkness).
I already started to know that the existence giving me instructions that I called god did not contact shin-kai (the god world) on the ground. God and deities on the ground had already noticed that they could contact the existence only through me. I was taught that I descended to the earth with new light. Therefore, when “the system of Nihon (Japan)” was started, “Amatsutsuki” yielded me the light and left. And, the existence, who encouraged me to come and see it through the conscious energy of the deities who were in the class of creating god, is actually the one who has controlled the spiritual world of the Earth. I knew about it through my god. I would be unarmed to see it. The existence that invited me had expected me to come from way back.
My god embraced me with such atmosphere. Any existences involved with human beings on the Earth are tied to the evil without fail. Once they are tied, they can not escape from the gravitational sphere until the day or hour comes.
On the day, I went to Haruhi-no-yashiro, which was designated. First, an unexpected incident occurred to my companion there. She almost fell at a purification site, saying “kanzashi”, “tamagushi”. She said that countless mitama (spirits) on a skewer were thrown into her head. Until then, as in uta (verse) on February 12th from “Shirayamahime” (15), only I had kanzashi stuck. My companion, who was called a child at the breast, also had kanzashi stuck in her. At least this incident was unwelcome because she expressed pain and unpleasantness.
In the terms of shin-kai (the god world), when ro (路) is added to kushi of tamagushi, it becomes kushiro. That means a course of command structure. It was obvious that the existence who invited me stuck kanzashi. Those countless mitama (spirits) thrown into her then were going to haunt her for a long time. However, this was also the system. It was the preparation by this ground. On that day, right before the moment of the encounter, uta (verse) from deities came to me.