The Final Knowledge (202)

Chapter Two
【The Mad Land】

(Web page 9/58, p50)
(Book page 132~134)

I told my companion to go to see them. I wrote down a message, “I will go and see you”, on her small notepad for divine verse. I received a prompt reply.

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo, the companion Uta (verse) on February 12th (19)
Ma hi ra re shi ki shi ka ta ko chi no
ma mi no mi ya
ka he te shi ke ku ru ki ko e ku ru
o n mi o n mi no ma ri mu to te
yu u ki shi ko re no mi chi hi ku ki shi mu

I received uta (verse) from “Isuzu・marihime” to complement. It indicated her intention to come together.

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo Uta (verse) on February 12th (20)
Tsu re yu ka mu wa to ki shi no tsu re ta ra mu
yu fu ki ri sa ku ra ki sa ra gi shi
yu ku yu ku sa ki ta ru
ko no ha na ha na ha sa shi mo sa shi ta ru
ke ya ke shi mi ha na
“ Isuzu・marihime”

To the companion, Mr. Seki Tetsuo Uta (verse) on February 12th (21)
Ko no mi yu fu ku he
sa ka shi ki o n ta ma
shi ki to ku mi ya ke ki
sa ku ha na no
ko re ya ko re ya mu mi ta ri na mu