The Final Knowledge (199)

Chapter Two

【The Mad Land】

(Web page 6/58, p47)
(Book page 124~126)

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo Uta (verse) on February 12th (6)
Mu sa ki shi no ka mi
ma e ra re yo
yu ri to ko no mi to ha na mo chi te
sa ka se mu ya ma no
na no ha na wo
“A-no-kami, Toyouke-ookami”

To the companion Uta (verse) on February 12th (7)
So no o n mi ta e shi ku mi chi no
sa ki sa ki no ta me
a fu hi yu fu ki wo ma ko shi
wa ta sa mu

Uta (verse) on February 12th (8)
Yu ri su ki te
na ho sa ka mu to su
ko no ha na ha
sa su ku shi yo shi ki
o n mi hi ka ri ni
tsu ki shi yu ka shi ki sa sa ka ri shi

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo Uta (verse) on February 12th (9)
Sa shi te mo na wo no
yu ki shi ko chi
sa ku mi sa ya ke shi
to mo tsu re te
na ho yu ka re mu shi
hi no ma tus na o hi

It starts to appear here what it is like to lose light in shin-kai (the god world). The light in the world without the physical body is the source of thoughts, which are of the human beings. It is the source of creation. So, the word of mihikari (hikari=light) is used only for the god who creates deities.