The Final Knowledge (194)

Chapter Two
【The Mad Land】

(Web page 1/58, p42)
(Book page 110~111)


After I was given the light of “Amatsutsuki” without rightly knowing why, a kind of destabilization was waiting for me.
To give the light means to give the knowledge. And to know means to be responsible. The human beings reflect the form of the god and deities involved in the Earth in the past. The human souls are made of the light and darkness and have left the ghosts. The god and deities without physical bodies have the same elements as long as they are the conscious beings. If they are given the light, they have to bear the darkness and the ghosts.
I did not know the deep darkness of shin-kai (the god world) yet. I was thinking, from a human point of view, that the right presider god of the Earth would appear, and the self-sustaining system would start if I fulfilled my role. God exists higher than the human beings so that it is called kami (above, god).
The system of Nihon (Japan) has been set in motion. Two (nihon) pillars, or two things, are united in this country, and the third element is added into one, which changes the Earth. That is the path indicated by the myth of this country. It has come this far.
Furthermore, this country’s myth tells us the important knowledge about the structure of the spiritual world. That is there are the celestial sky called Takaamahara (higher celestial plain), this land, or this country, called Nakatsukuni (middle-earth), and Nenokuni (underworld), which is Yomi (world of the dead) or the world after death. The human ignorance has tried to apply them to the fact that the celestial sky is the light, the earth is the human world or the darkness, and the underworld is the ghosts. However, as it is repeatedly said, both the celestial sky and the human world on the ground have the energy phases of the light, the darkness and the ghosts. Rei-kai (the ghost world) which the human beings have believed is no more than a place belonging to the human world. The place that the human beings believe to go after death and connect with ghosts and psychic phenomena is the human spiritual world paired with the physical human world. The human beings have called it rei-kai (the ghost world). That is why I said that rei-kai (the ghost world) has the light. Because the human beings can create even the light.