The Final Knowledge (192)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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(Book page 309~311)

Akebono (dawn) Light Correspondence (12) June 17th, 1993
Mr. Seki is the ultimate balance of the light and the human being
You must not blame him if he makes mistakes

The body is inconvenient
There is a spy
You have to know that
The light universe is connected with Mr. Seki
but not with this universe
There is no shin-kai (the god world) any longer
but the light universe takes the place of it
All the knowledge is there
It is the whole universe that the only light has accepted
The universe exists to meet the light
There is no other reason
Use the power as the light being
You cannot use the power prepared by god

The secret of human souls and mitama (spirit) of god and deities is all disclosed here. The existence that human beings have called god or deities and have prayed in the past is the combination of the light and the darkness. In shin-kai (the god world), they can exist as one being, but once they enter in a human being as mitama (spirit), they separate into the light and the darkness. I can understand why the deities, especially the existence put in order for the system of Nihon (Japan), have despised kegare (impurity) of the human beings. The human thoughts have the power to pollute the information system of the deities. Because of that, the human beings have always been ruined in the spiritual world.