The Final Knowledge (191)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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(Book page 307~309)

Akebono (dawn) Light Correspondence (10) June 17th, 1993
About the devil
The devil and the human beings must not fight against each other
Seal the devil in ofuda (paper amulet)
The strongest light of the light
penetrates the darkness and controls it
It is possible to seal akuma (devil)
Akuma (devil), unlike the human evil,
is the ruler of the darkness of this universe
It was originally one
but now it is countless
As long as human beings have minds
the human power does not help to fight against it
Seal it with the strongest light
Use ofuda (paper amulet) for that
Ma (evil) and the devil are different
The devil exists not only within human beings
but also in relationships among people
Seal it when you see it
Do not underestimate the devil
It is the ancient ruler of this land
And it is still trying to control
It has the power to rule the dark beings
The strongest light
[Not all the human beings have it]
It will be given only to those who can fight against the devil
The devil can stay with light
The devil dwells in a person more cleverly than ma (evil)
The devil dwells in anybody and has the core of the network
Find and seal it

After this correspondence, an announcement is written as if it is emphasized with the double line.

Akebono (dawn) Light Correspondence (11) June 17th, 1993
Ma (evil) will come after the devil