The Final Knowledge (188)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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Scores of days after mitama (spirit) of a god descended into my companion’s sister and purely functioned, it began to split into light and darkness. A child of light and a child of darkness were born from one mitama (spirit). They could exist as one conscious being in union in the spiritual world, but they divided into light and darkness in a human being. At the same time, her innate self resurged as the owner of the body. Thus, three groups of consciousness, which were light, darkness, and herself, existed in her head.
Light consciousness and dark consciousness were opposed to each other and worked on her genuine self-consciousness.
That was prepared and conducted by the existence of this ground that made a contract between the celestial sky and the ground in order for my companion, me and everyone to understand how ordinary human being’s consciousness is formed. Such a thing has not been recorded in the human history. The veil of the mystery of souls was stripped and the secret between god and humans was disclosed.
When the light consciousness independently used her body, her expression and way of speaking distinctly changed. And she could write automatically as if she could see the size of a blank piece of paper with her eyes closed. Described here is a part of the letters or the correspondence of journals from the child of light that is mitama (spirit) of god to the human self-consciousness that is the owner of the body. I will refer to this in order to prove that human beings truthfully inherit a part of the divine consciousness.
I will add some of my divine knowledge about the god that used to be in Bali. This god is one of the deities of Hinduism as can be seen from the fact that it was in Bali. No beings of Hindu god world have possessed my companion. Hindu god world, without looking back on the history of its spiritual culture, forms a kind of labyrinth with complex relationship among human beings, deities and religions. So ,that could not be fully absorbed into my companion’s spiritual energy world of her microcosm. Or, the existence that prepared my companion decided to separate them. As a result, her sister was also used by the preparation of god, which was immeasurable in the human knowledge.
So far, I have not tried to write about the existence of Hindu god world other than Buddha. That is because any correspondence of the god world recorded by my companion was not sent to me. In fact, the deities of Hindu god world have contacted my consciousness. The deity that possessed my companion’s sister is known as Ushas, the goddess of the dawn in Hindu god world. To prove that, this divine conscious being of the child of light refers to itself as the light of akebono (dawn), which is the name of light in the microcosm of its consciousness. I will write down a part of the correspondence as close to the original as possible.