The Final Knowledge (187)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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(Book page 297~299)

After that, she just repeated the same words, “Oh, no.” and “What should I do?” In order to stop that, I raised my voice too.
I said, “Don’t lose your cool. God came over.”
My companion’s sister seemed to come back to life.
She came back with a different divine conscious being from her own. She said that she was a god in Bali. She started balinese dance with the complicated movements. Her movements looked as if she had been trained since her childhood. I was amazed. Knowing that it was the first time in human history, I did not expect that mitama (spirit) of god had such a control over the body. It was not switching of personalities. A totally different conscious being was there as a complete human being. A conscious being that used to be a god in Bali became a consciousness of a matured person all of a sudden. It was talking and acting as a god based on the memory of the god.
I was taught that mitama (spirit) of the god was eventually merged with the old consciousness into a new human consciousness, but the being in front of me was absolutely god. Obviously, she was not aware of living so far. She did not know how to use chopsticks. She did not know how to use money either. In fact, she had no concept of money. To live as a human being, she had to learn from zero. My companion did not know what she would do. She always had to be with her to teach. Though, her learning ability was so great that it was enough to learn only once since it was god.
My companion’s sister with the divine conscious being showed us new ability controlling the human brain and nervous system. As a perceptual ability, she had something like a second sight. For example, she asked my companion to buy a music CD that she wanted and explained exactly where it was at a certain shop. And she could find one at the exact place her sister said. She also tried to erase a cockroach appeared in a room with the energy from her hands laying on it. My companion was with her and actually saw the strong spiritual energy coming out of her hands.
It is known in the human knowledge that hands emit some kind of energy. Some say that is a religious teaching. Others use it for healing. She automatically used her hands when the divine being resided in her and became able to use her physical system. Of course, the cockroach did not disappear. However, the divine being obviously knew how to make the human physical potential function. So she emitted the energy through her hands. Either my companion or I had never taught her about the energy emanating from the human body. That means god and deities have already known the potential of the human body. This proves that human beings are the vessel of god and very dangerous existence for the spiritual world.
And, at the next stage, the transformation of the divine conscious being residing in the human being revealed the secrets of how god and deities have used the remote-controlled ruling system, which is wake-mitama (child-spirit), and why the pillars of light that I erected on the ground immediately fell.