The Final Knowledge (186)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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(Book page 295~297)

“The preparation of the Earth
The next step will not come without doing it
Neither your companion nor her sister
will be able to live as human beings
without fulfilling their roles”

That sounded like it is what mikotomochi is all about. A human being who is called mikotomochi, which is made by god and deities when they do something in the human world, has an absolute role. I was told that it would be more fatal to live as a human being without fulfilling the role.
On the evening before my companion’s sister ascended into light, I had an experience of change in consciousness with hyperventilation by a revelation. Hyperventilation, which is caused by accelerating breathing consciously and delivering a lot of oxygen to the brain, is used to explore human consciousness by some researchers. Then, what happened to me? A kind of near-death-consciousness is created at some stage. I pass through a dark tunnel. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. After some impact, I notice some different consciousness occupies me. The different consciousness dominates my body. I was told that the same thing would happen to my companion’s sister.
It is a genuine divine possession. Mitama (spirit) of deities directly enters a human being. I was told that I would see the meaning of the human existence in front of myself. For the first time in human history, mitama (spirit) of deities descends to a human being right before an observer.
The practice run with my body finished, and the instructor was gone. In my shin-gyo (god-work), I always had those kinds of notices and learnings. There was a notice when I could have gotten panics if I had not known about it. And it always included something to learn.
The next day, I explained to my companion and her sister. Mitama (spirit) of god, which should essentially reside in the body, is waiting for you in the light of the consciousness. The consciousness, which can be the divine conscious being that knows the reason of your birth, wants to descend to human consciousness. My companion’s sister agreed to it and started to ascend to the light in her own consciousness. I could realize that she was ascending rapidly. When she reached the boundary of her consciousness, my companion told her to go beyond the line. So she broke through her boundary and ascended farther. I realized that she completely entered the light. Suddenly, her head bent backward while ascending into light in the chair. Her head jolted to the back of the chair. My companion raised her voice.

“Light is coming out of her body.”