The Final Knowledge (184)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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(Book page 291~293)


The disappearance of shin-kai (the god world) neared. One day, Jesus, who became a white bird and was cleaning this land, visited me. Jesus had also been tied to his own shin-kai (the god world) like Buddha until he met me. That was the principle of unlimited responsibility of shin-kai (the god world). Even after he became free from that, he was trying to help beings with light consciousness. Jesus’ shin-kai (the god world) that I know was not that big. Christianity by the teaching of Jesus formed shin-kai (the god world) of the savior who was called “Susano-o” in Japan rather than Jesus’. He told me that there was a rebellion even in this small shin-kai (the god world).

Those beings in shin-kai (the god world) firmly believe
that human beings on the ground
will be given the Judgment

What happened before would happen again. If god annihilates the humans, what is the god? Do even the beings of Jesus’ shin-kai (the god world) believe that Jesus will come again and give the last Judgment? Jesus pointed out that the Father could not help him. It is said that Jesus was taken to heaven and has been raised from death by the Father by his last prayer on the cross. However, in the story of Jesus that I know, after the crucifixion, he got involved with humans on the earth and worked on his own will. Jesus knew that the Father “Amatsutsuki” was just one of gods that were tied to the gravitational sphere of the spiritual world on the Earth.

Nobody needs shin-kai (the god world)

Jesus told me so. He implied why I hesitated. Before this, before I wrote the book for mitama (spirit) of the Earth by the revelation, my master existence enhanced the light for awakening to raise human consciousness as high as deities’. Then, humans could become equal to deities. My master existence and I did this because I felt that many beings in shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth had the equal level of consciousness to the humans with high spirituality. It could all come down to the fact that humans reflected the consciousness of shin-kai (the god world), but it seemed for me that the consciousness of shin-kai (the god world) was contaminated by the human consciousness. That was the same structure of power struggles in the human world. There was no more meaning for the beings of shin-kai (the god world) to have a controlling influence on human consciousness. Still, deities tried to be above humans.
As long as deities stayed above humans, the meditator for the knowledge of light was the deities, so that humans were not fairly given the knowledge to ascend directly into light. In order to convey the knowledge of ascending into light to humans, one mitama (spirit) uniting all the knowledge of shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth needed to be developed. That was the system of mitama (spirit) in which humans were not put under the control. When it failed to develop the mitama (spirit), the role of shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth was over.