The Final Knowledge (183)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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(Book page 288~290)

As a result of the break of shin-kai (the god world), the deities staying with me were able to talk with each other in light. Deities tried to protect the religious groups forming their own shin-kai (the god world) due to the principle of unlimited responsibility of the spiritual world. The religious hostility of the human world reflets the conflict of the spiritual world. So, I have united the divine consciousness of Judaism and Isram in light. Next day, it snowed in Jerusalem. Since that day, no existence of the spiritual world has taken the blame for bloodshed out of religious conflicts. How much humans cry out for the name of god, it is all humans’ fault.
In this way, god and deities of the Earth could have been integrated and could have created one mitama (spirit) in light. However, it failed.
One day, my master existence sent me a revelation.

“Write a book
in the name of the children of god and deities on this ground
who made a covenant to erect god on the Earth with you
I will show you the entrance to the divine knowledge there”

I realized that this was the ultimatum from my master existence to shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth. I wrote a book following the revelation, and I gave copies to my companion and another person.
If mitama (spirit) originating in the Earth grew, they must have been able to take the knowledge of the book. Roughly, it certainly indicated the entrance to the divine knowledge. The phrase of purifying and ascending to light, which is shown at the beginning of this book, was also written down in that book.
However, that book did not come into the world. Those mitama (spirit) could not endure ordeal that was waiting for those who got closer to god. Shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth could not fullfil the contract with my master existence and me. I wrote the book by the revelation because, above all things, I have thoughts of shin-kai (the god world) of Japan that led me to the divine knowledge. I indicated it would be possible for this country to become the origin light of a new world if they accepted the knowledge. It is the origin of new light, or the true origin of the sun. I know that many people worked for this in the human world.
I would not have existed if “Deguchi Wanisaburo”, “Nakayama Miki”, and “Kawate Bunjiro” had not worked in this country before me. However, It was impossible. The last kekkai (sacred shield), which had protected this country and had made people living here docile sheep, broke.