The Final Knowledge (182)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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(Book page 286~288)

I could understand from the beginning that she had strong shaman-like constitution. At the same time, I could understand its danger. Because she has lived not as a human being but in a different power. She seemed to see the relationship between god and humans from a different viewpoint from mine. Her two self-enforced themes are to know what love is and not to return to a time of ignorance. And she has become to know that I am at the entrance of the spiritual world. She says god is love. That alone made her start walking on this path. To know what she is.
It was ready. It was not she that got it ready. It was the god of the Earth.
The Earth was going to make new god for itself. My god had a covenant with the Earth. And, around this time, she was changing a lot. It brought her pain to ascend to light and purify. She said that she felt her body was twisted when she started ascending to light. She complained that light did not have the power to purify. I also noticed that. Though the existence of shin-kai (the god world) was activated by light sent from me, the problem just became complicated.
I knew that something was making god or god-like existence within her microcosm. That was moving ahead in parallel with the frenzy of shin-kai (the god world). Still, I kept sending light. I kept cleaning. That was the will of my master existence. I raised protest against that. That was pointless. I just seemed to help my enemy. So I stopped sending light and cleaning. My master existence did not respond.
I boycotted shin-gyo (god-work). I recognized that unbearable malicious thoughts and feelings were accumulated in my consciousness and body. I could bear for three days, but on the fourth day, I was unconsciously purifying myself while I was sleeping. I had to think again.
All the problems are designed to be solved. First, I started to think if I was trapped in a crisis as much as I felt.
The rule of light is that I am supported up to 50%. Anyone connecting there is always placed in a fifty-fifty situation of light and darkness. What makes them step forward is the will power of humans who are the children of light. The further they go, the stronger its resistance gets, and the energy always counteracts light. The energy to take just one step is nothing but bigger than before. It was always like that. When I was in a truly dangerous situation, my master existence never failed to intervene in my consciousness. Thus, that time was not a crisis situation. I felt dangerous at that time because my companion was putting out a critical message. She felt it was a crisis. So did I. I was affected by her.
At that time, there was another person who was near me as wake-mitama (child-spirit) of deities. That person was also sending a warning sign. The system of creating new mitama (spirit), which shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth made, was facing crisis. However, I was the last one. As long as shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth insists that it will give out mitama (spirit) to replace “Amatsutsuki”, my master existence and I cooperate. The covenant between the celestial sky and the ground authoritatively exists there.