The Final Knowledge (181)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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Having “Futsunushi” made me realize that there was no connection between shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth and the existence that I call god. My master existence firstly said that it would make contact only with me.

“Only you know
and the knowledge will be unified within you
to prove
that god is only one”

That was what I was told. That god, at the same time, taught me that I was sent, or I was born as a human being, based on the covenant between the celestial sky and the earth. I automatically thought that the covenant between the celestial sky and the earth meant to erect the pillar of light which could be the true pillar of the Earth. The deities of this ground were waiting for it. Or I could say that they wanted it. However, my god did not covenant with “Amatsutsuki” for it. My god made a contract with the ruler of this Earth.
Humans rightly awaken and go down to the inner dark point of the existence that has controlled the Earth while shining the path with the light of the trinity of love, courage, and justice. They release the energy of the primordial god placed there and then free the human existence. Holding “Futsunushi”, I read the divine data that I feared to know most while I knew it in my deep consciousness.
It was also shown in a divine verse sent to me. “Nana-tsu-no kowane (seven stone hearts)” . Seven stone hearts restrict the spiritual world of the Earth. I journey to the further bottom end with my companion. In the story of god, it is supposed to be achieved. If it is really the story of god, it will be accomplished. It is worthily extraordinary to prove the story of god. I was incarnated to be responsible for it, and I would have been confident about accomplishing it if I had been alone. However, I was with my companion, who was the most inept guide. She does not originally have mitama (spirit) so that anything can possess her. Buddha had strong self-consciousness as a human being. My companion was made to be even without human self-consciousness. The following is her story.
My companion lost her mitama (spirit) when she fell down the stairs at the age of three. This is the same situation where supernatural powers, such as clairvoyant power or second sight, are suddenly developed. During the Cold War, both sides knew that a person with supernatural power could detect the whereabouts of the submarines. Most of them gained such supernatural power as a result of suffering from extreme physical and mental stress like accidents and wars or near-death experiences. Unlike adults develop the ability all at once, children do not realize when they have transformed. When she began to understand things, she was able to bend spoons. Simultaneously, she had a certain level of second sight. And she has lived based on those abilities. That is unfortunate as a person. She has to act like an ordinary person with the assumption that nobody would understand her. Just like her, I have lived knowing that no one would understand me, but I have not pretended to be an ordinary person. I have not disguised myself in a mask. My companion said that she appeared before me because she intuitively thought she had to do something about the Earth with me when she heard my name.