The Final Knowledge (179)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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(Book page 279~281)

I found out that even “Amatsutsuki” was a deity within the gravitational sphere. Where did “Amatsutsuki” go? That existence disappeared in my light. When I noticed that, I had a little cry. I did not know that. I did not know such a system. I felt outrage over the spiritual world of the Earth. Then, I heard a familiar voice of “Ise-Amaterasu” in my head.

Would you still have started, if you had known it?

If I had known that, I would not have started. God only knows. That god does not exist in this universe. I decided to return to the knowledge of “Futsunushi”. “Futsunushi” is the sword of light that looks for its owner. Until its owner shows up, it will have consciousness of a deity. If that is so, the owner of “Futsunushi” as the sword of light will be the presider god.
I asked “Futsunushi” if “Amatsutsuki” had it.

No “Amatsutsuki” is evil

Futsunushi” declared that “Amatsutsuki” is evil. “However, it is you that have protected “Ise-Amaterasu”, isn’t it?”

Yes That is the system to meet by Amaterasu of Ise

It became apparent that it was not used by “Amatsutsuki”. A myth where if someone who wants to be god owns the sword, anyone can be god exists everywhere. I had a guess that “Futsunushi” originally belonged to “Ooamaterasu”, who is a sun god, or “Amaterasuhi”. I knew that “Ooamaterasu” also left after completing its role, like “Amatsutsuki”. Then, “Ise-Amaterasu”, who was with me, could have ascended to the position. I decided to have “Ise-Amaterasu” hold “Futsunushi”. Both gods responded negatively. What would happen if someone other than the genuine owner held it. I asked.

They will go mad

Nevertheless, I had “Ise-Amaterasu” hold “Futsunushi”. In a vision, “Ise-Amaterasu” who became light held the hilt of “Futsunushi” who became the light sword. Both of light grew. I thought that I heard a yelp-like voice within 10 seconds that I felt. “Ise-Amaterasu” was not in the vision. Only the sword of light was in the air. The sword said to me.

You should own it