The Final Knowledge (178)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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On the other hand, while I knew this fact, I was looking for the principal god in the physical universe. I was doing something maddish. I was exemplifying the mad land. It was also a consensus of shin-kai (the god world) on the Earth, which was with me at that time. The core of those conscious beings held a factor with a strong intention that god was intrinsically only one. It must have been placed before this physical universe began. I thought that there must exist a conscious being that put it.
It was kanzashi (a hair ornament) sticking in me. It was the recurrent factor to the origin, which is input in not only me but also every human being who is born on the earth. One day, my companion delivered me the word, “magatama (a comma-shaped bead), 曲玉” from something. She said that it was “kanzashi (a hair ornament) with magatama (a comma-shaped bead)” and she drew it. It looked like magatama (a comma-shaped bead) used for an ancient necklace, but soon I recognized. It was a boomerang. It was made to always return to the original point. Those who pursue divine knowledge try to go back to the origin without question. Religions always have a vector of recurrent intention and fundamentalism in their system. As soon as the divine knowledge is placed on the earth, it is caught in the circle , which is the system of recurrence. Buddha could see right through it since he did not have mitama (child spirit). The factor is placed in mitama (child spirit) of deities.
I returned to the starting point and thought about it alone. I thought that anyone must be able to be Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad at the beginning point. When I had that view in my boyhood, I became free of religious knowledge. Because the goal of religious human knowledge is its founder at the top and no further. To put it plainly, anyone can exceed Buddha because anyone can be Buddha. Religions do not admit the advent of someone higher than the founder to absolutize their authority. That is the limit of followers. I had the starting point that any human being could be Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad. My point of view was that humans should start from the point they reached in the past. So, at that point, I did not have the recurrent factor.
That proved it clearly. It was “Amatsutsuki” that put this factor in me. When I was given light from “Amatsutsuki”, the factor to the origin was input in me. That is included in light, and in the knowledge of light. First, light activates the past. To know is to be responsible. To know the past means to be responsible for the past. Does it mean that I take the responsibility for the past of “Amatsutsuki”? That is not supposed to be my role. Most of all, I am not from the earth. However, if “Amatsutsuki” is at the top of this shin-kai (the god world) on the Earth, god and deities essentially have the factor that they are tied to the circle.
If an idea of gravitational sphere is applied to the spiritual world on the Earth, one black hole is formed here. I was shown the vision, wasn’t I? Even Buddha, who saw through the system, was yoked to the top of bukkai (the Buddhist world) within the gravitational sphere.