The Final Knowledge (174)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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The frenzy of shin-kai (the god world) continued. I tried to restore balance with the information from my companion. I erected light pillars but they always fell over. They did not last more than two weeks. Some lasted only from the morning to the evening. The light always came back to me. With dark energy… My consciousness and body expended enormous energy to purify the energy. Even in the midst of all this, I was seeking a presider god of the universe. I was looking for all directions. I made contact with some divine conscious beings. However, they all have the same knowledge.

It is said to exist in the past
but now it does not exist

It was the same information of “Futsunushi”.
The information was not in the light data of “Amatsutsuki” who gave me light.

It used to exist
Even god does not know
the day or hour

It is nothing more than the message of the Judgment.
Around that time, I was directly communicating to a lot of existences who sent uta (verse) in this book. Buddha was one of them. There is bukkai (the Buddhist world), which is different from shin-kai (the god world). That is one phase of the spiritual world without divine roots in the pyramid-structure-like Mount Meru in Buddhist legend. Buddha also knew that there was no god in this universe. Here is the story of Buddha that I know in the spiritual world. It was about five centuries before Jesus was born. It was the time when the controlling system of humans with wake-mitama (child-spirit) of god still functioned. Buddha was born without wake-mitama (child-spirit) of god. He was free from divine control. As a result, he could not help becoming highly sensitive to spiritual energy. In that spiritual life, being human itself was a problem. Living was suffering for him so that he tried to know. In other words, he tried to define human existence. It is said that he attained enlightenment after he realized the futility of ascetic practices. If enlightenment is expressed in a simple phrase, without using speculative terms, it will be as follows.