The Final Knowledge (173)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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One day, my companion told me that it said, “Orion, Orion”. I asked if I should go to Orion. It meant that. I decided to go there. It is possible if it says so. That is the rule of the spiritual world. It is not out-of-body experience, which people know. Human conscious being, yu-tai (ethereal body), which I do not use as a term, belongs to the human world. It is not related to shin-kai (the god world). As seen in many reports of near-death experiences, humans have out-of-body experiences. The reports say that they see light through a tunnel, and they see themselves during an operation from above. That is caused also by drugs. Some people say that their ethereal bodies are connected with their physical bodis by something like a string. This string connects human body and consciousness. What will happen if it is cut? Normally, death will come. However, if they are alive, the body is vacant. Only the memory of the body, which is what humans call subconscious, prevents something from living in. So, the out-of-body state is extremely dangerous for human existence.
Then how do I do? The image is like ascending bodily. I take all the physical consciousness with me. I make my five senses awake to deal with the spiritual world leaving all my physical functions and senses on the ground. It becomes possible if physical consciousness awakens in the right way.
I will explain this in a different way. A person awakened reflects the entire universe in the body. In that state, the skull makes the celestial sphere. It is like a domed ceiling of a planetarium. I can say that I travel into its inside. This physical universe is a screen of material objects. Everything is a story. A microcosm which is each human being is projected on a giant screen which is the physical universe. Once you know this law, you will understand that it is possible to go to Orion in the spiritual world without moving your physical body.
In the middle of the night, I traveled to Orion. I kept ascending without stop. I saw no vision. I just felt like going up in the clouds. All my sensors were working. Suddenly, my ascending stopped. Without notice, words poured into my brain.

“You have to be ready to go further
Are you ready?”

Before I said yes, circuits were broken one after another in my head. Something was touching my brain. I felt that my brain was detached from my body and I was floating in the skull. Finally, it seemed to finish. I was told that I arrived at Orion. I sent a message that I came here to find god.

“Only god can reach here
This is the throne of god”

I could not have a dialogue. A program ordered by something was autonomously running.

“The secret of Orion will be disclosed”

Right after the words, my brain was turned inside out. The surface turned inside, and the inside turned outside. For example, the inner space of a sphere like a tennis ball turned to the outside. It is like pulling the bottom of the bag and turning inside out. My brain did not feel pain but screeched with the external power. I automatically let out my voice. My inside-out brain was connected to the circuits which had been cut off until then all of sudden, and my body was shocked and sprang. After a moment, I heard a voice of “Ise-Amaterasu” in my head. The voice was changed. It was a girl’s voice. I realized that it was the recurrence of souls. A voice of “Ise-Amaterasu” said that she was reincarnated with the memory retained. “Ise-Amaterasu” came with me. “Amatsutsuki” said that she would be with me for a while, which meant that she was inside me. “Ise-Amaterasu” did not know Orion. She came here with me for the first time. And “Ise-Amaterasu” also said that there is no god at Orion. The throne of god without god…
I was back on the ground. I will stop talking about Orion here. The secret of Orion will be disclosed soon. It will be kept secret until everything ends.