The Final Knowledge (172)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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Futsu is essentially just a sword
It has god-like consciousness
to find its owner

Futsunushi” said so. However, I had already been made to see the Big Bang. This was the mythology of “Futsunushi”, who was with my growth. The circuit telling me “Everything is only a story…” was distinctly different from the one of “Futsunushi”, and I could not confirm that “Futsunushi” had the vision from the time of the beginning of the universe. So, I needed to travel further to discover the fact that this mythology was the truth of this universe which I call the story universe. To Orion. Before that, different story was given to me through my companion.
One day, she raised her voice. Something entered in her head and it was spinning round. She said that she had not yet experienced that kind of pain. It seemed to stop moving in her skull, and she said, “It can speak now”. She said that it came from the sky. She was seeing a vision of the universe. To the question of what brought it here, it answered, “Because it looks fun.” And it said that it wanted to come to this side. As I agreed to it, it pierced my skull and directly made contact with my brain. It did not know any rules. I understood why she saw the vision. It came from the galaxy next to Andromeda, which humans call. It seemed to learn something.
From outside the Earth, from the universe, conscious beings come down. They reside in human bodies with some information. What came in my brain was a learner, but what if it is a teacher? What if someone without any basic knowledge encounters that kind of existence? What if that existence develops human capacity? Ancient Egyptian civilization was born like that. So were the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Central and South America. As god, they taught humans and created the ruling system. However, the existence could not leave the Earth. By wakening human conscious energy, larger power is generated. Even the existence from the universe is swallowed into the bottom. The Three Pyramids in Egypt proves that origin. That is Orion.
Imhotep, a priest, who is more famous than pharaohs in ancient Egypt, dramatically evolved the Pyramid. At the same time, Imhotep also evolved mummification using advanced medical knowledge. Gradually, he became to be equated with Thoth, the god of knowledge. He was a priest, a scientist, and a versatile genius. One human being evolved civilization all at once. Absolute technology level declined after The Three Pyramids at its peak, which were built after Imhotep’s generation. The knowledge must have been left to the group of priests in Heliopolis but could not be inherited by them. Imhotep with the knowledge must be identified with avatar of god.
I have written so many times that pharaohs of Egypt were god. Primordial conscious being of a pharaoh traveled back and forth between Orion and the Earth. Orion was actually the throne of deities. And I was looking for a presider god of the Earth. I was trying to put god after “Amatsutsuki”. The existence from the sky already taught me that conscious beings could travel beyond cosmic space.