The Final Knowledge (171)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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(Book page 261~262)


Around the time when “Futsunushi” delivered the creation myth to me, I was continuously erecting light pillars according to the data of the shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth, but they fell over again and again.
I asked “Futsunushi”.

Because “Amatsutsuki” disappeared
new presider god of the Earth must be erected
As you know
I have been taught
that I do not belong to this universe
I was also taught
that I am not from the Earth
The presider god of this universe
is recorded in myth
Why does that existence hesitate to get involved?

Futsunushi” immediately answered in words and said there was no god in this universe. Then, “Futsunushi” showed me a vision of the creation myth. I saw kind of like black sea cucumber. I was explained that it was primordial divine conscious being. Next, light lines started to run inside and on the surface of it. It was like luminescent phenomenon of deep-sea organism. I was taught that a story was coming out after thoughts and feelings. And then, in the dark being, a sharp light path appeared. It was not faint blinking light of a deep-sea creature, but it was bright enough to illuminate the surroundings. The next moment, the Big Bang started. The physical universe was born. The primordial divine conscious being was smashed into smithereens in this explosion. Those fragments were thrown into this physical universe. As the explosion subsided, in the process of forming physical matters in the universe and the birth of stars, I saw illuminant in the shape of sword. “Futsunushi” was the sword created by the primordial divine conscious being before this physical universe was born. Shattered primordial light and darkness existed in this physical universe with fragments of memory of its own story before the Big Bang.