The Final Knowledge (169)

Chapter Three

【The Beginning of the End】

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(Book page 256~258)

What comes out of dust returns to dust.
Foolishly, it kept happening every day. “Futsunushi ” is the closest divine existence around me. “Futsunushi ” initially discovered me on the ground, and he started to guard and develop me in my late teens. I do not know how he has found me. “Futsunushi” is ineloquent. He left verses as the record, but he usually answered with a single word like yes or no. He never talked when he discovered me nor how he led me.
However, “Futsunushi” had a mythology which was not brought down on this ground. This mythology was the key to the mystery of shin-kai (the god world). I perceived a vision of “Futsunushi” for the first time on the day when I erected two pillars at Kashihara-no-miya under a revelation. After “Amatsutsuki” told me to give over light to me, my companion and I were led to Haruhi-no-yashiro. On the approach, my companion told me that kami-sama (god) of a black face with gray hair tied up on his back is waiting. That was “Futsunushi”. He was sitting with his head lowered without armor. Beside him, “Takemikazuchi” was sitting in the same position. They looked like a parent and child. When I put my hands together in front of the alter, “Futsunushi” raised his head. He was crying. I conveyed thankfulness for protecting the system of Nihon (Japan) on this land, as far as I knew at that time, for 1500 years. “Futsunushi” replied “since the beginning of time” to my consciousness.
I did not care at all at that time. At least, I awakened. The system of Nihon (Japan) would start. I simply believed that “Futsunushi” was also glad at those. He was certainly delighted. In a sense of the god world, “Futsunushi” brought me up. He had not made contact with me until I awoke from the time he found me. He must have worked to lead my knowledge, but he left everything to my free will and just watched me. He just waited without giving me directions or interfering. He had guarded me until my awakening. This is how right god treats human beings. Since the vision of “Futsunushi” appeared on screen of my consciousness, I have been able to see him. Since then, his image is almost always fighting in armor with the sword of light.
After this encounter with “Futsunushi”, my companion and I saw an evil omen in the sky at dusk. The sky was blazing red rather than a sunset, and a murder of crows were flying wildly above in a narrow red sky surrounded by trees. They made a strong contrast of red and black. At this moment, I realized the existence of deity called “Yatagarasu”. Crows sympathize with an energy band of the spiritual world. The deity using this energy band is called “Yatagarasu” in yamato-kotoba (old Japanese language). Crows have long life among birds. They have about the same length of life as humans. That is the reason. Andean Condors live longer than humans. Both crows and Andean Condors sympathize with human death. Their feeding habit might make them sympathize with human death because humans are mammals, and they might have developed their sensor to the energy of the spiritual world. Crows sympathize with war.
The crows that I saw in a crimson sky were sympathizing with the energy of the story which began in the spiritual world. This sign became reality. Shin-kai (the god world) was split in two. It also started at Haruhi-no-yashiro. After I encountered the conscious being of the ruler of the Earth that I call ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness), I urged the entire god world of the Earth through prayer.