The Final Knowledge (168)

Chapter Three

【The Beginning of the End】

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Once you are mired in the circle, it never ends. If someone does not want to end it, the story of the spiritual world will always go back to the beginning. Why you exist. Why you live. To learn those, you are being human. However, once you go into a labyrinth, you will never be able to go back to the starting point.
The spiritual world is a labyrinth. When you walk only on the ground, you will not see what you will see from above by ascending. Take, for example, a vision of a white mountain far in the distance and a deep black woods extending at the foot of the mountain. One day, a person standing on a hill finds an awe-inspiring white mountain. The person thinks that he wants to climb the mountain. To climb it, he has to walk through the black woods at the foot of it. Once he steps into the woods with small hills and valleys, he will not be able to see the white mountain from there. And, trees are so tall and thick that the sun does not reach even during the day. Those who walk through the woods and approach the mountain almost always get lost and result in death. Still, humans fail to resist an inner impulse to come closer to the mountain.
A signade is on the path to the woods. Nobody who entered made it back alive. However, humans know. A long time ago, someone who walked through the woods, climbed the mountain and encountered something. Apart from whether it is a lore or mythology, humans made contact with god or deities in the history. The memory has been within every human being though no information is given. I believe that it is the memory of mitama (spirit). No, I am made to believe so. The information is inside wake-mitama (child spirit) given to humans by deities, which is the knowledge of god and deities of the Earth.
I, with kanzashi (hair stick), naturally followed the information and kept working to realize the program placed on the Earth by “Amatsutsuki”. To summarize it, one is to stand god based on the Earth and the other is to put up mitama (spirit) for new human beings.
My companion provided directions and information to me from shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth, as necessary. However, I ran into the reality that they knew me as I knew them. They meant the beings against me. I knew that there were many beings in shin-kai (the god world) against me. However, I did not know why they refused to cooperate with my program of the Earth. My physical and mental pain grew bigger day by day. Around that time, I came down with a fever and sweated so much every night. I realized that the death of Taira no Kiyomori in history was, as told in tradition, caused by a kind of cursing. Someone was cursing me. I could not understand the reason though I was explained. Low-level conscious beings, who were informed by someone that they would be god by controlling my consciousness and body, were sent into me one after another. They were waging battles in my body as if they did not know that I was watching them. I was observing them thinking that human wars on the ground seen by god was like this. My body or my existence was miya (shrine). This kazefuku (windblown) yashiro (shrine) was a palace and also a microcosm. I was in the center of my consciousness and other deities were there. It was “Futsunushi” (a kami of sword and lightning) that guarded the door of the palace in the middle. A winner ready to control me opened the door and encountered “Futsunushi” (a kami of sword and lightning). Those who met the summit god of ken-shin-kai (the-sword-of-god world) returned to dust by the sword of light.