The Final Knowledge (167)

Chapter Four
【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 381~383)


Finally, what was expected would come out. I was instructed to pay constant attention to Mt. Fuji from the beginning of my shin-gyo (god-work). I was shown a vision that a dark underground stem extended under Mt. Fuji. My companion also reported almost the same information. The dark power kept growing from when shin-kai (god world) existed. The term Fuji is also written as 不二, which means that there is no other mountain like Fuji. Based on the data of Japanese deities, the true pillar would stand at Mt. Fuji. Historically, there are many people and groups who have had shin-gyo (god-work) for some purpose indicated at Mt. Fuji. I kept cleaning the energy of those human thoughts and feelings. There were some foolish human thoughts confusing the real pillar with the savior. Further more, the shallow act of those who sought power to control people was throwing out dark energy.

The secret of ma-kai (the evil world) also
would be disclosed as caricature

It was “the proof of shallowness” of the human world.
Then, January of 1995. A large earthquake struck the area I lived. I was furious for a few days before the earthquake. The power from my companion rose as my anger got stronger.
I arose feeling quake on the day before dawn. At the moment I got up and held the bookshelf steady, I heard cataclysmic impact sound. Severe earthquake hit and I collapsed with the bookshelf. I could not move but my head was protected because the bookshelf door opened and the books fell out of the shelf. The old ferroconcrete building I lived in was rocked hard from east to west and tilted about 15 degrees before it finally stopped. The cataclysm appeared here. I did not expect this far. For a moment I heard the impact sound like a huge explosion and I fell down, I sensed the entire energy of “kunitokotachi” coming into the ground from the bottom of the earth.
With following aftershocks, I murmured again and again that it came here and it could be this bad, and I thought what would have happened if I had died. I heard a clear voice.

You are not supposed to die
To minimize the damage
I let it clean

At last, the divine door opened in the physical world. A tremendous program was steadily progressing.