The Final Knowledge (158)

Chapter Four
【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 362~364)

As far as I know, right gods have eliminated human energy of thoughts and feelings as kegare (impurity). However, with this energy, some intend to create a dominant force. That is the consequence of the fact that gods are the beings of light and darkness. As the beings with light, the limit of knowing is hidden within their own light.
The secret to transcending the limit of this light is the secret of yuga that has made my companion. It might be easier to understand “瑜伽” (yuga), but I consider “幽我” (yuga) to be appropriate from a literary point of view. “瑜伽” (yuga) is the Japanese name for yoga, in which they control their breathing and meditate. I explain chakra as human knowledge because it should be known that the difference between the human knowledge about chakra and the human power created by a certain being with this secret is light and shade. The ones that know the secret are “Ukanomitama” and “Shirayamahime”, but the ones who have kept the secret are Ken-shin-kai (the-sword-of-god world) represented by “Shirayamahime”, otherwise known as “Tsurugihime”, that is, these god beings of “Futsunushi” and “Takemikazuchi”.
Only “Ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness), who is the ruler of the Earth including the human world, can give the god-like power to human beings with the secret. However, even “Ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) can not transform human beings, or create a god-person, without permission and cooperation of “Shirayamahime”. This is also a part of the covenant between the celestial sky and the ground.
I have written many times that it is the privilege of “Shirayamahime” to put mitama (spirit) of god or deities into human beings because I want you to understand this correctly. Without applying the god world’s power to connect mitama (spirit), which has been kept secret by “Shirayamahime”, it is impossible to drop skewered divine mitama (spirit) into a human being, who is my companion.
I took my companion to Hakusan shrine first, and she saw light there for the first time. Her existence form, which had been programmed and had been trained since she was born, started. As the beings of the god world possesses her one after the other and uses the circuit of her consciousness in her brain, the beings of the evil world also can use her body and consciousness.
Ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) is gone, and she herself has turned the exit of the evil world, or the vent of evil energy. That means to descend to the bottom of the evil world in our journey.
After the god world ceased to exist, skewered mitama (spirit) of gods that has lost light and have nowhere to go possesses her as evil spirits one after another. They appears to deny my master existence and me. These evil conscious beings use the circuit of the evil world. My companion changes always with a severe headache. Her expression, language, and behavior turn evil. She challenges me with her body, which is the energy from her body. A change in her attitude and expression shows that her body is put in a disastrous condition, which is brought about by my shin-gyo (god-work). That is definitely a threat.