The Final Knowledge (165)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

(Web page 28/30)
(Book page 377~379)


Ma-kai (the evil world) has knowledge that the ones that want to be god and that used to be deities use godlike power with human potential ability. A part of that knowledge that humans have a glimpse of is chakra.
The system which is far beyond the knowledge functions in my companion’s body that “ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) has made. One of the system is human eyes or eyeballs. I know that a human body forms a microcosm. And, an eyeball also forms one microcosm. It is known that evil power resides in eyes, and my companion’s right and left eyeballs are separately used.

Blackness of the right
Darkness of the left

The right eye linking to the left brain responsible for speech and logic is blackness, and the left eye linking to the more emotional right brain is darkness. Eyes radiate energy essentially differently from hands or other body parts. They are straight and aggressive. Ma-kai (the evil world) attacked me using each single energy-radiating system hidden in my companion’s body.
While she was used as my enemy, she was an observer and a reporter at the same time, though. It was her words that unraveled the secret of eyeballs, which was blackness of the right and darkness of the left.
I was given an ability to look into the microcosm of the eyes, as one example. Like ascending into light, I could enter into the microcosm remaining conscious. It was actually descending, though. The further I descended, the more dark thoughts came into my consciousness. Both my consciousness and body felt unpleasant. However, I descended until I knew everything. When I arrived at the bottom, I was able to understand the whole system of the microcosm. At the moment of understanding, I was almost always filled with fury and burnt out the microcosm with the light of my anger within myself. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The absolute rule of the spiritual world is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Humans have human law. God world has divine law.
The problem was that my companion could not handle those dark energy within her. This was my nature of shin-gyo (god-work) that the same story was repeatedly played in variation from the beginning. I was called in as a cleaner because this ground lacked its cleaning ability. My companion recognized where problems were and led me to the entrance. My role was to enter from there and dealt with those problems. So this ground felt that I was usable. Cleaning of shin-kai (the god world) was likewise at the beginning. However, when my master existence comprehended the entire picture, shin-kai (the god world) was made to disappear. I was so foolishly honest that I descended to every single trial which was brought by ma-kai (the evil world), or subject to be cleaned. I was doing what even my companion thought to be the same thing.