The Final Knowledge (163)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 373~375)

The energy that I call sou-nen-ha (the human energy of sou) is the one that deities mainly use when they step in human consciousness. I receive the information of shin-kai (the god world) through this type of energy. Ordinary people fall asleep when they receive this energy. If sou-nen (the human energy of sou) is input while they are asleep, they will never notice that they are unconsciously controlled. The force that god and deities have used to control human beings will act on material objects. Collecting this energy will even create a new god. However, how is the energy accumulated? Religious method of unification has already failed. Is only way left the annihilation of all mankind?
If human beings, the vessels of god, perish, will darkness gather to be unified again? Deities of conscious beings have such bad relationships with each other. The spiritual field united by “ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) is ruled with power. The one with devastating power has maintained the unity. The “ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) refused the use of the force and left. This ground, or the Earth, left this hopeless situation to me to break through. I am angry at this reality.

If this continues
it will perish again

I said “then perish” to the one that told me so. Possess life beings like humans on a planet somewhere else in the name of god, control, fail, and fall. God coming out of scattered darkness after failing again and again just stays within and outside human beings and tries to rebuild the world of their own if given the chance. Poor humans who are god’s children act out the battle of the god and deities in reality, give a moan of pain, bleed and go mad. This is truly absurd. Like Buddha, I am amazed at this foolishness.
The Earth itself is cursed. The play of the god world acted by human beings is what I am angry at. How can they think of creating god out of this level of base?

God of the Earth
is autotoxic
The Earth is a place
for god to learn
Falls five times
Muguruma (six wheels)
of evil

Ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) spoofed my mad consciousness and sent a message. It seemed to leave into my consciousness and got a line to talk with me.