The Final Knowledge (291)

Closing Chapter

【The Completion of Knowledge】

(Added page to book 5/6)
(Book page 612~614)

Only thing left to me was the sword of justice, which was the godhood called “Futsu”. On this Earth, only “Futsu” fulfilled the contract with my master existence.
God of the Earth claimed to create this universe 5.67 billion years ago like Deguchi Wanisaburo writes in Reikai Monogatari (Tales of the Spirit world). It was the memory of “Mioya”, or the limit of the memory. In contrast, the memory of “Futsu” goes back to the story which had existed before that.
If it was designed to be clarified that the god who claimed to be the one was not the true creator on this Earth when human beings got to know this universe was 13.7 billion years old which was longer than the assertion of god and deities, my master existence would be none other than the one who created the scenario of this whole story.
The group of “Mioya” existed in my conscious field from January of 1995 to March of 2006 and understood this. They understood that they could not directly communicate with the existence. They need to make a contract again for that.
The contract which was made 13.7 billion years ago ends here. That was the contract of the judgment.
My master existence siad that they need a new contract in order to proceed to the area of the light universe after the judgment.

“Make a contract as a human being.”
“As the ones who have awoken, write down the names of human beings in the book of life.”

The names of souls that hope to reach the light universe are written in the new book of life of my master existence.
All whose names were written in the book of life of biblical times were born as human beings in this period. The contract has already been fulfilled.
It is obvious that it is not god and deities who have been involved in the history of the Earth that guide human souls to the future.
And, “Ise-Amaterasu”, who has been with me since the beginning rather than as a member of the group called “Mioya” just before descending into human beings, elaborated my way of being. According to the exposition with a vision, my spiritual area extended across three universes.
The dark universe. The story universe. And, the light universe.
Ordinary human beings live in the dark universe. The field of the story for god and deities is the story universe. Then, human beings get to know the mirror world reflecting the world of god and deities is their physical world.