The Final Knowledge (290)

Closing Chapter

【The Completion of Knowledge】

(Added page to book 4/6)
(Book page 610~611)

All of these things were prepared to leave clear evidence to future ages.
Main part of “The Final Knowledge” is the record of the variation fo spiritual energy progressed through my consciousness and my companion’s consciousness, or both of our brains and bodies. There, witnesses are basically only my companion and me.
However, the fluctuation of 2005 was decided to be conveyed to the human world in real time at the site called godbrain on the internet, which had been prepared by the instruction from my master existence before entering 21st century.
It means that readers are considered as witness. I was pushed to the point where all the actions I have made including my life will come to nothing if I fail. I prayed and asked many times.
“Contract”, which I have always seen, was the answer. What is still left as the contract? This is the preparation of this ground. The earth was required the fulfillment of the contract by my side, which is my master existence.
The existences of this ground have will and are ready to fulfill it. This was prepared by the group called Ushitoranokonjin of the celestial sky. On the ground, the name of the final godhood, Hitsukunokami, who conveyed the information of the final step, has been recorded in the human knowledge. The mutual relationship, or the link of the celestial sky and the ground, was becoming tenuous in 2005. It was the information of the words on the site called godbrain using the human conscious field that mediated the relationship.
I wrote the information which was conveyed to me on this site with the title of “Spiritual era”. In order to correspond to this, Ushitoranokonjin called itself “Mioya” and conveyed the information with the title of “Mikotofumi” through my companion. It was desired by “Mioya” and my companion agreed on to establish the line for conveying the information. And, it turned out that there were 3 levels of godhood called “Mioya”, “Mioyamiko” and “Miko” in the group of “Mioya” conveying the information. Aside from this, Hitsukunokami also conveyed the information through another person. Other deities and spiritual existences on the ground also sent messages through the line of this human brain which was used by Hitsukunokami. All these things were the program in order to prove what was witten in “The Final Knowledge” in the end.
Those existences said that human beings are the vessel of god and recorded the message requiring that human beings would awake.
And, it was at the end of March, 2006. The group of godhood called “Mioya” who has the myth of giving the words to the current humankind all descended to the human beings.