The Final Knowledge (289)

Closing Chapter

【The Completion of Knowledge】

(Added page to book 3/6)
(Book page 608~610)

Before, I wrote that my companion was prepared for a guide on this ground but belonged to Takaamahara of the celestial sky. What belong to the celestial sky do not know Takaamahara on the ground. Then, human beings who convey the information of the ground as media are needed.
The group belonging to Takaamahara of the ground took a role to develop the ability of this human brain. The lead role belongs to Shinsen-kai rather than Shin-kai (the god world). Preparation was done by deities of India connecting to Buddhism and human-derived existences guiding mountain worship.
It was a preparation forwarded with the greatest attention for full participation in order to enter the final phase of the spiritual world.
This field which has persisted by using the ground energy of the spiritual world overlaps to a large degree with the field created by human religions. In other words, this field is over the energy generated from the human religious activities of the ground.
If this field is still based on the human religious activities, the value of the teachings and commandments which existing religions and faith are based on cannot be denied in order to survive. However, Hitsukunokami who conveyed the information of this field and in a sense have dominant influence in the spiritual world of this field repeatedly declared that kami (god) is reason and originally needs no teachings nor commandments in Hituski Shinji which Hitsukunokami made Okamoto Tenmei write down.
Teachings and commandments are not needed. Human beings have an ability to understand if they think for themselves. Human beings want to be gods, and gods also want to be human.
That was a declaration from the side of god toward the post-religion era. The declaration was developed from the message that kami (god) exists where shrine parishioners exist from Kami (god) of Konkokyo conveyed to Kawate Bunjiro. Under Hitsukunokami who made this declaration, low-ranked deities in the hierarchy and the relations who confronted human beings’ worldly faith and prayers gathered. Since those conscious beings had the vector of evolution to the next stage, they had been waiting for the day or hour just like human beings. One of the roles of Hitsukunokami was to prove the existence of the layer of the spiritual world of this ground.
That was a movement reflecting the final decision to disclose the process of deleting the whole spiritual world including this layer in front of all human beings.
On the other hand, the group of Ushitoranokonjin, which has been on me or has existed in my spiritual field since 1995, was advancing their preparation.
The group of Ushitoranokonjin is the devine consciousness who conveyed ancient words that became the prototype of human souls to humankind. That appeared form the further botom end and has been spending about 10 years in my spiritual field. That chose a name “Mioya” for itself in roder to make the final call for human beings.
And, it said that it would send “Mikotofumi” to the human world through the line in my companion’s brain.