The Final Knowledge (288)

Closing Chapter
【The Completion of Knowledge】

(Added page to book 2/6)
(Book page 606~607)

The last spokesman of Ushitoranokonjin is Hitsukunokami. Why is this Hitsukunokami the last spokesman?
Before Japan’s defeat in the war, Oomot-kyo lost its energy by huge oppression. While dubious divine possessions declaring Japan’s defeat were widespread, this godhood did not contact the consciousness but manipulated the body to made a person write down codes like characters or drawings and figures, and left the record.
The document called Hitsuku-shinji left today is the character data which was deciphered by the writer of this Shinji, Okamoto Tenmei, with his fellows. This was created so complicatedly that the writer himself could not understand the meaning until it was deciphered.
Why was that? Description from here is the declaration of Hitsukunokami.
Ofudesaki (automatic writing) was written by Deguchi Nao who was illiterate with the method of tracing the lit point of a brush. People believed it because an illiterate person wrote that.
Okamoto Tenmei was originally a painter, and he joined Oomoto-kyo and worked on a newspaper. He also knew kamigakari (divine possession). There could be no other ways but this in roder to make this person work and to go down in history.
Who could be courageous enough to record what was directly conveyed to the consciousness in the era. In the era when the tortures by Special Higher Police were waiting, someone had to leave the proof that righteous godhood kept working. That was the destiny given to Okamoto Tenmei. It was the role of Hitsukunokami who was the substitute or spokesman of Ushitoranokonjin on the ground to convey the information of the final step to leave the proof even after Japan’s defeat in the war. And, it must be proved that this Hitsuki Shinji is the final one. In order to do that, Hitsukunokami has to appear again and convey Shinji.
I have written “The Final Knowledge” only on grounds of the knowledge which was proved twice or three times. I had been told to do so from the beginning. I have explained only something that was witnessed or something that actually happened with proof as one vector while adding different information from the time course. As the result, “The Final Knowledge” has been shaped.
I, who wrote this, did not realize that it had been scheduled in advance. However, I can think of no other way but the fact that the archetype of this knowledge already existed 13.7 billion years ago as I was old.
There was a program providing the way how the information of Hitsukunokami would be brought to the world as a series of preparation.