The Final Knowledge (287)

Closing Chapter
【The Completion of Knowledge】

(Added page to book 1/6)
(Book page 604~606)

The final phase of the program of the god of the Earth started in December, 2005. Before this starting, the godhood “Hitsukunokami”, who had never contacted me, made contact with me. I was not surprised since I had known that this godhood would appear some day. However, to be honest, I got a strong impression that it was late.
Before this, I visited Komono, Yunoyama in Mie prefecture several times because I got a direction. I just went there, but it was evident what it meant. The godhood finally made an appearance by coming through the path I made.
And, I could understand why it took such a long time.
If the celestial sky does not move, the ground has no way to move. Also, for the starting of the program, a line of words in koshi koden (ancient history and legends excluded from official histories) called Hotsumatsutae was used. It was necessary to prove again at this point that Koshi koden (ancient history and legends excluded from official histories) was one of the preparation.
In particular, this final program progressed in the following order.
In July, 2005, it was decided that the spiritual world that had existed until then would be cleared, and the final program of Ushitoranokonjin was going to start, which meant Ushitoranokonjin would come out.
It is a direct action of the celestial sky that Ushitoranokonjin tries to work upon the human world. Until the point where the spiritual world existed, the world of god and deities was separated into at least 2 layers. In other words, in shin-kai (the god world), there were two layers which were, in terms of yamato-kotoba (old Japanese language), Takaamahara (the Higher Celestial Plain) of the celestial sky and another Takaamahara (the Higher Celestial Plain) of the ground. The most content I have described in “The Final Knowledge” so far is the information about Takaamahara (the Higher Celestial Plain), which is the result of that my companion was generated for the guide of that world.
The field of shin-kai (the god world) of the spiritual world directly contacting this world where human beings live is persistently Takaamahara (the Higher Celestial Plain) placed on the ground, where also superior human ghosts, and dragons and Inari (one of kami of Shinto) that are related to deites with names belonged.
As for the dragons, superior godhood as typified by Poimandres and a dragon that humans pray for rain are completely different in the hierarchy. In order that Ushitoranokonjin that is the existence of Takaamahara (the Higher Celestial Plain) of the celestial sky comes out, the spokesman of this ground that has prepared for this has to start at the same time.

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