The Final Knowledge (286)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

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(Book page 105~108)

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo Uta (verse) on February 10th (1)
Sa ku ra chi ru chi ru
mi yo shi no no
su ku na ki sa to shi
ku ra bu ru wo
chi i sa ki shi me no
sa ki shi ha na

After that, uta (verse) of Prince Oama was sent to my companion. It was his determination.

To the companion Uta (verse) on February 10th (2)
I ki ku ru ko shi ka ta
ha na mu su hi
ni n no ki shi ru shi sa ki za ki ni
mi yo mu ka e shi ha ya ma ya ma no
na ra shi me ma mu ku ku ri na mu

“Prince Oama

It was uta (verse) of a youthful man though more than 1000 years has passed.
Subsequently, uta (verse) of “Isuzu-Marihime” who had already been given godhood came.

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo Uta (verse) on February 10th (3)
Ma tsu no yu ku he no sa ki sa ki ni
i de a hi ta ri ta ru sa ki ha hi no
fu ta ha no ya wa no a ru hi na mu
ke fu no sa i shi n mi tsu ki na ri na mu

The last line changed into “Today, kami called Amatsutsuki was sent to another world” in my head.

To Mr. Seki Tetsuo Uta (verse) on February 10th (4)
Wa ga na ga ki ka mi ni mi gu shi wo
sa sa re shi ha
ki shi no o n ka mi
sa sa re shi ka mu za shi
tsu tsu mi ka shi ko mi u ke i ka mu

At Kashihara Shrine, where the festival for the next day was prepared, I erected Jimmu and Isuzu-hime. When I asked my companion to leave the shrine, “Amatsutsuki” directly made a contact with me.
“Preparation completed. I will give you my light.”
A vision of words, when I received uta (verse) of “Isuzu-Marihime” earlier, was accurate. Words came again.

“Those who completed the role should leave.”

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